“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

This quote is attributed to hockey great Wayne Gretzky, though its impact is easily felt off the ice and outside of sports: increased production leads to increased opportunity, which leads to increased exposure.

The problem is where to find the time for all that increased production. Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan, who was known to hit quite a few of the shots he took, spent hours and hours in the gym practicing his craft. He hoisted thousands of shots every day until he turned every motion into muscle memory. He became an expert in his craft, and then he put that expertise on display every time he walked on the court, but he didn’t do it alone.

Behind the scenes of Jordan’s greatness was a personal trainer named Tim Grover. Grover crafted grueling workouts for Jordan, demanding the best every time they walked into the gym. As Jordan operated in the limelight, Grover did his work in the background. When Jordan retired, Grover shifted his focus to another superstar: Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

“Michael was really the first one who opened the door and said, ‘Hey listen, find that individual that has an expertise in things that you don’t and let them enhance your abilities,’” Grover said on the Endless Hustle podcast.

Grover understood that working in the background could make Jordan and Bryant’s ability to reach stardom all that much easier. Grover was able to reduce the stress of his star athletes by using his expertise to craft workouts and shooting drills.  

“I would tell Michael, ‘I’m going to create more power, more strength and more force for you,’” Grover told Boss Hunting. “‘Now it’s your job to learn how to control it and what you do with it.’ That’s not my expertise.”


Take Control of Your Own Power

One way to control the power of your organization is to take increased shots at exposure. This means getting your message out to fellow businesses, your customers and your clients, including potential clients. 

If you have a message to send, you need to publish that message. That starts with finding the right creator to craft that message. Trusted, expert freelance writers can turn around your crafted message with speed and accuracy.

While company websites are filled with information, they also need to allow a personality to take shape. By utilizing blogs, whitepapers, social media and infographics, you can share your organizational message and lay the building blocks for the trust with your company stakeholders to grow. Blogs, for instance, are channels of direct communication that can expand on products and services. If something happens in the sphere of your industry, blogs are a great place to explore the impact in an informal setting.

Blogging becomes an ever-moving circle of information that points back to the nerve centers of your business. A blog post gets linked and shared on social media. The social media post links directly to your companies’ website. At every stop, stakeholders are getting increased exposure to the company through a variety of platforms.

This is where Google comes in. If you want your company to be among the top searches for information or identification, constantly connecting to your clients through content will also improve your standing in a Google search. This means writing four pieces of content each month instead of one; or three per week instead of three per month. It also means aligning your content strategy with expert writers and editors who can help you make an impact on the landscape.

Blogs, keywords and social media can all help attract strangers to your company. The strangers convert to visitors through increased exposure and are open to calls-to-action on various platforms. Once the visitors become leads, the close happens, and they convert to customers who will eventually segue into promoters for your company by sharing back the content that brought them to your site in the first place.


Make Space for Content Creation

But where to get all this content? There are only 24 hours in a day, and even Michael Jordan could only take so many shots. As Jordan worked on his defense, film study and nutrition, Grover was in the background, crafting the next workout. Grover was an outsourced step in Jordan’s path to greatness, consistently applying his expertise to better Jordan’s output.

PowerPublish can be your Tim Grover. As your company continues to thrive and grow, PowerPublish works in the background to craft your message through outsourced work with trusted freelance writers who are experts in your field. 

These aren’t marketers looking to check off boxes on a spreadsheet; these are professional writers and freelance journalists who have long been trained in the craft of impactful storytelling. 

Publishing conversational stories from expert writers who can move with speed will improve your content production and expose your company to more clients. And the recently updated PowerPublish marketplace makes it easier than ever to find and collaborate with elite writers or opt in to a managed content plan that includes knowledgeable content development and professional editorial services.

When you’re ready to take your best shot at content marketing, PowerPublish is here to make it count.



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