We live in an information age in which content is the name of the game. Companies from every industry and niche are getting into the content creation business.

The problem is that simply making content doesn’t quite cut it anymore. There’s too much content already there for anything subpar to do much good.

Instead, you need to ensure that your brand’s content is interesting, targeted, authoritative, insightful, and professional. These are all factors that are hard to address if you don’t have a content editor backing up your content creators.

What Is a Content Editor?

The job of a content editor is simple on the surface. They edit content. Full stop.

Of course, the effort that goes into the editorial process is anything but easy. In reality, a content editor’s job is complex and multi-faceted. They must be able to both proofread and edit (more on that later) while being comfortable working with all sorts of written and visual media.

They often oversee all of the content creation and publishing needs of a business — or client, if you’re also working with a freelance writer — as well. That means content editors need to work with multiple people in very different roles within a business. For this to work, they need to be good communicators and must be able to manage expectations. 

It’s true that content editors primarily edit content. Nevertheless, that job is something that should never be underestimated or overlooked. 

9 Reasons to Hire a Content Editor

It’s easy to grasp what a content editor is, but why should a company hire one? After all, many companies from all kinds of industries have become comfortable with the idea of hiring a content marketing team. But they often never get around to hiring an individual for the specific role of professionally editing their content. 

If you’re on the fence about how a content editor can truly help your brand, here are nine sweet and simple reasons an editor can revolutionize your content:

  1. Editors function as the grammar police. An editor can proofread by cleaning up grammatical errors, like poor spelling and punctuation. This may sound like the job of a glorified spell checker, but it’s more complex. Professional editors are aware of nuances, like idiomatic phrases and industry terminology, and they know how to use them the right way.
  2. Editors actually know how to edit content. Proofreading is one thing. The actual editing process is another. An eagle-eyed editor can check for subtle errors, such as the use of passive voice, too many adverbs, or a poorly structured thought or sentence. They also know where to go to verify facts and figures, making sure that content is accurate as well as easy to read.
  3. All writers need editors. Both in-house and freelance writers are creatively focused. It’s rare for that creativity to be coupled with intense organization. Even when that’s the case, having a separate set of critical eyes look over content is always wise. A good editor will be able to confront a writer about edits while remaining encouraging and maintaining the overall relationship, too. 
  4. Editors provide consistency and continuity. Structure and formatting are critical for good content. Most content needs to be skimmable and easy to digest in the internet era. An editor can ensure that each piece of content from every content creator that they’re working with is consistent over time.
  5. Editors can hone and perfect your brand voice. Along with continuity, editors can help sharpen a company’s voice. They can act as a living filter that ensures content adheres to the tone, rhetoric, and overall voice your brand wants to convey.
  6. Editors can get involved with content calendars. Content calendars are notoriously exhausting to maintain. The good news is that content editors can help there, too. An editor operates at the center of the action. They know what content creators can handle, what topics are needed, and what your audience is looking for. This makes their input an invaluable asset.
  7. Editors save you time. A professional editor can take all of the editorial concerns off your plate. They can also provide structure and feedback that reduces future errors. This can save a lot of time, which is a valuable resource for any company.
  8. Editors improve ROI. There are many ways that an editor can impact a company’s bottom line. We’ve already addressed some of these, like saving time and targeting the right content. These actions improve content performance, turning each piece of content into a more valuable asset for your brand.
  9. Editors provide professionalism. Along with improving ROI, an editor can also increase the overall professionalism of a company. Externally, they help enhance public opinion through a confident, consistent style. Internally, they provide a better work environment for employees and freelancers to operate within.

There are many advantages to having a content editor. Even so, it can be expensive to have a full-time content editor on staff. If you can’t justify the cost, you can hire a freelance editor instead.

How PowerPublish’s Concierge Editing Services Can Help

PowerPublish has a strong stable of expert freelance writers available to help create content. But where our writer marketplace truly diverges from other freelance platforms is with its elite concierge editing service.

This allows our clients to tap into the power of specialist content editors. These individuals have proven track records and can help direct and improve a brand’s content. On top of that, the freelance nature of our editorial services makes it possible to fill that critical content editor role at a fraction of the normal price. 

So, if you see the need for a content editor but aren’t sure how to address it, consider PowerPublish as a solution. The best part is that you can try things out without the same long-term commitment that comes from hiring and training a full-time employee. We’re confident that using our concierge content editing service can help take your content to the next level and let you indulge in the host of benefits that come from hiring a content editor.




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