Medical writing professionals are in high demand due to rapid advancements and innovations in the medical and healthcare fields. Yet, only some writers are qualified to produce medical writing content. Companies and organizations that need to hire a full-time or freelance medical writer must remember that their prospective writer must comprehend medical concepts and be able to communicate them accurately and understandably.

There are several vital aspects to consider when hiring medical writers.

How Does a Freelance Medical Writer Help Your Brand?

A freelance medical writer allows companies and organizations to:

  • Share news and research about new treatments
  • Educate other healthcare professionals and consumers
  • Market innovative devices

A medical writer also can also produce peer-reviewed articles about clinical trials or craft grant proposals for funding research.

Medical writers must be experienced in diverse formats, including digital and print publications, websites and social media, podcasts, videos, and multimedia presentations.

Your brand benefits from the medical writer’s ability to digest, interpret, write, and relay information to diverse audiences:

  • Abstracts for medical journals
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Marketing materials
  • Slide presentations
  • White papers
  • Ads for devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Patient healthcare decision guides
  • Advisory board summaries
  • Regulatory documents, like FDA submissions

PowerPublish medical writers also help you build brand awareness, provide consistent and robust SEO, and showcase thought leadership. No guesswork, just compelling results in excellent medical content creation. Each of our writers is an expert brand journalist, whether in medicine or other fields.

What Education Can You Expect from Your Freelance Medical Writer?

Look for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from your freelance medical writer, although a master’s degree is often a high priority for many companies. A scientific background is often an essential qualification for medical writers. This can be in biotechnology, health sciences, biology, genetics, microbiology, or nutrition.

According to the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), medical writing requires science and writing knowledge. It blends the detail and rigor of both research and scientific processes with creative writing talent, and the AMWA says many medical writers and communicators hold advanced degrees. They possess a science or medical degree and have experience as a health care professional, physician, pharmacist, or bench scientist. Some medical communicators have either an MFA or a Ph.D. in English or communications.

Excellent writers can also benefit from medical and certification programs, like those offered by the AMWA and the Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE).

Ethical principles, such as those outlined by the AMWA, should always be accepted and observed. These include observing regulations and statutes about all content the medical writers create or develop and applying balance, objectivity, scientific rigor, and accuracy in the medical media they convey.

How PowerPublish Helps You Hire a Writer

Instead of spending endless counterproductive hours trying to hire medical writers, PowerPublish helps streamline the process of finding a freelance medical writer and frees you up for more pressing business.

Easy-to-Use Platform

The PowerPublish platform is easy to use, intuitive, and informative, and help is readily available. Do a self-guided tour or, better yet, schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical writer and medical content strategy needs. We can help you hire medical writers for specific writing content needs or manage all your healthcare marketing content.

Handpicked Experienced Freelance Medical Writers

A freelance medical writer on the PowerPublish platform has been thoroughly vetted. Specific areas of expertise in the medical field are part of the vetting process to be a PowerPublish freelance medical writer. As such, depending on your need to hire medical writers, PowerPublish handpicks the writer best suited to your requirements.

Defined Writing Process

All PowerPublish medical writers adhere to a defined writing process, one that’s rooted in excellence, proficiency, outlining, discipline, accuracy, rigorous fact-checking, editing, and attention to detail. Part of the writing process involves considering the client’s needs, the scope of the writing project, the target audience, publication requirements, timing, and deadlines.

Set Your Budget

Budgets can be a headache for any organization, especially in the medical field, where costs are always increasing. That’s why it’s so important to have confidence in the budget you set for your medical content. Our team of professionals can assist by providing realistic yet affordable budget ranges for the scope of your medical content strategy.

Whether you’re just starting and have only a vague idea of what you need, or you need a professional to manage your medical content production, PowerPublish is here to help. We’ll help you hire medical writers or select a freelance medical writer for specialized content while adhering to your budget.

Constant Communication

How often your medical writer communicates with you is always a primary concern. PowerPublish medical writers pride themselves on constant communication with their clients. All communications, including format and timing, are per your needs.

What to Expect from Your Freelance Medical Writer

Now that you know you want a freelance medical writer and are about to move ahead with the process, you must have a firm grasp of what you can expect from the freelancer you’ve selected. Consider these points as examples of what you’ll get when you hire medical writers with PowerPublish.

Timeliness and Respect for Deadlines

Some platforms promote their services to hire medical writers, yet they can’t guarantee that the writer you hire will deliver content promptly. Respect for deadlines among our stable of PowerPublish medical writers is paramount. If the medical content you contract for isn’t provided on time and according to the deadline you set, that detracts from both your satisfaction with the service and the brand.

Up-to-Date Status of Your Job

If you had a medical writer in the office down the hall, it would be easy to drop in and ask how a piece is progressing, or you could pick up the phone or text to inquire about the job status. Our PowerPublish medical writers are readily accessible and will keep you updated on where the assignment stands. There could be some random questions that arise, and the writer needs to get clarification. You might want a quote included in the piece, or you have access to newly finalized research and want to get the word out about it in this medical content product. Again, keeping you informed on how things are going with real-time updates is a promise our medical writers at PowerPublish keep.

With our self-serve platform, you can call, chat, share files, and track your project’s progress. Our managed PowerPublish writer marketplace can assist you with freelance medical writer selection, overall medical communication strategy, fully managed content creation, and more.

Content Returned Quickly

Consumers consume content at a rapid pace. Far from diminishing, the appetite for news, especially in the medical field, continues to grow. That means businesses, medical companies, and organizations must have a steady stream of excellent content written, produced, and published to satisfy those needs. At PowerPublish, our medical writers will return your content quickly, so the content management cycle can continue uninterrupted.

Many PowerPublish medical writers (and our brand journalists) were formerly reporters. They bring their journalistic approach to creating medical content with an alignment with content relevance guidelines from Google. They are also SEO experts.

Accurate Medical Terminology

Medical terminology, like the overall complexity of the medical field today, must be more understood and less confusing. Furthermore, medical content often needs to improve regarding informing, persuading, and reassuring the intended audiences. PowerPublish helps you hire medical writers who can create accurate medical terminology that consumers understand and can relate to. Providing much-needed information in bite-sized chunks means that your content creation strategy is achieving your goals.

Conduct SME Interviews

No one knows your field better than your subject matter experts (SMEs). Much medical terminology goes over the heads of patients, their family members and loved ones, and consumers who may be prospects for your lifesaving medications, equipment, technology, and services. Professionally conducted SME interviews can translate medical complexity into simple, easy-to-understand terms.

That’s where PowerPublish can help. Our team of vetted professional journalists is specialized in medical writing. They can interview your SME and write a compelling piece that resonates with your audience, telling your story in a unique and conversational way. They utilize the best practices to produce the best results with a high-quality SME interview that gets the point across every time.

When you use PowerPublish to hire a freelance medical writer, you can be confident you’ll receive the highest quality medical writing on time, on budget, and under your terms. We can help if you need an expert medical writer for just the occasional post or if your needs are for a steady stream of medical content.

Are you stressed about how to hire medical writers? Connect with us today, and our PowerPublish network of highly skilled writers will provide the content you need.