PowerPublish Can Help You Connect with the World’s Top Blog Writers

When you’re looking to connect with more potential customers, developing and feeding the blog on your website can be a great first step to sparking interest in your company’s services. 

Blogs are a great way to generate search results for your website, and an effective blog writer will make your services more approachable to the average audience. This will help break down industry concepts into readable pieces that build customer trust.

A medium that began as a way for people to create journal entries online, blogs have since become a staple marketing tool companies can use to communicate both internally and to the general public. Hiring a top blog writer will help you put your best face forward to audiences across the internet.

Not sure where to start? The writer marketplace at PowerPublish makes finding blog writers simple, connecting you with industry experts that know how to make professional content that reaches the top of the search results. 

Great Content Marketing Requires Great Blog Writers

An excellent blog post is sharable content that can bring readers to your website and keep them coming back. When you share that content on social media, your online presence is broadened, and your content becomes available to new audiences. Posting blogs that readers will click on leads them back to your site, driving web traffic and bringing your other services into view. 

Creating great marketing materials, however, requires a great writer to make your content creative and engaging. The expert writers at PowerPublish specialize in hyper-niche content areas, and can make even the most daunting material into quality content that will captivate readers and make your services appear relatable and reliable. In doing so, a knowledgeable blog writer will use the most up-to-date information to create content that establishes your brand’s expertise and credibility in your industry. 

What Blog Writers Can Do For You

When hiring a writer through PowerPublish, you set the job’s parameters. You can ask your writer to:

  • Create an outline
  • Interview SMEs
  • Submit social media copy
  • Develop story ideas

Working directly with your hired blog writer is an easy way to ensure that a writer is presenting your company precisely as you see it, without getting stuck doing all of the writing yourself. 

Providing detailed analytics for your writer ensures that the content received meets your expectations. You can also develop guidelines for the use of sources, or you may wish to set more specific criteria for what content that should be included. 

Why You Should Use Online Boards to Hire Blog Writers

In the age of the internet, when you need a writer, look no further than online boards. Hiring freelancers online is a fast and easy way to connect with experienced writers looking for work, without the hassle of a traditional hiring process. In fact, many companies are now turning to freelancers online for all of their writing needs, because it is an effective and affordable way to generate content without the need for a permanent role within their business. 

Hiring a freelancer allows businesses to enjoy flexibility with the amount of content they purchase at any time and who they hire to write it. Not all projects that your company’s marketing department takes on may require a full-time or even long-term worker, making freelancers an ideal choice for companies looking for a short-term solution. When you have a connection with the writer you hired, PowerPublish makes it simple to find and rehire them directly in the platform.

Not only are freelancers cost-effective, but they also offer specialized skill sets for the needs of unique marketing projects. Hiring freelancers for upcoming projects allows you to choose a writer that understands the subject matter at hand and the audience they need to reach with it. While traditional hiring methods can make finding a trusted and reliable freelancer difficult, PowerPublish takes key steps to assure quality in the writing you receive.

How to Hire a Writer Using PowerPublish

To get started creating an online blog, you know you need a specialist. But how can you get started? With PowerPublish, hiring an expert blog writer is simple. Our self-serve writer marketplace allows you to connect with elite journalists and content creators at the click of a button.

If outsourcing your content schedule is also on the horizon, PowerPublish can help. Our fully managed services will get you in contact with an elite editor who can assist you in planning your upcoming marketing strategies and selecting the best writers for the job. 

Whether you opt for self-serve or fully managed, you can rest assured that you will receive quality writing from PowerPublish. PowerPublish’s unique writer marketplace stands above the rest with vetted writers and many tools to simplify ordering content. 

Select a Vetted Writer

When it’s imperative that your content stands out above the competitors, it’s just as crucial to trust your content creators. With many online boards, hiring a freelance writer might be fast, but it can be challenging to know exactly who you’re hiring and whether they will follow through with the work required. PowerPublish takes the guesswork out by vetting writers beforehand, so you know that every writer you hire has training and experience you can rely on. 

Set Your Budget

With PowerPublish’s self-serve platform, you can set your own price for a project without the worry of it running over budget. Creating your own makes it easy to work within the means you’ve developed and establishes what you will pay for a job before the writer ever applies. 

Define Your Writing Process

The writing process involves several steps a content creator might take to reach a final product. Prewriting, planning, drafting, and revising make certain that the content you receive is thorough and well-researched. As the client, you can define your own writing process by suggesting revisions for the writer to ensure that the content you receive best represents your company’s vision.

Throughout the process, you’ll never have to guess what stage of the process a project is in. PowerPublish’s premier freelance platform will allow your blog writer to easily update and communicate with you every step of the way. 

Get Started with Quality Blog Content from PowerPublish

When you’re trying to boost your brand’s visibility online, quality blog content is a great place to start. You’ll be impressed with the ease at which you can hire elite freelancers through PowerPublish’s online marketplace and even more pleased with the final content you receive. 

With PowerPublish, you’re only one click away from specialized writers with the knowledge and experience to create well-informed blog content for any industry. Ready to get started?.


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