Effective written communication is essential when putting your best foot forward, especially online. Hiring a freelance writer can take the stress out of everything from drafting your next company newsletter to bringing in new clientele with a blog about your services. 

Many companies are now turning to freelancers to complete work that once might have required hiring a full-time staff member. Likewise, the number of workers in the U.S. who have turned to freelancing full-time has grown, meaning that the marketplace for this type of work is stronger than ever. 

Hiring freelancers is a cost-effective way to find specialized workers on a per-project basis, ensuring you have the right person for the job every time. 

If you’re new to hiring freelance content writers, you might wonder how to get started. At PowerPublish, we specialize in taking the guesswork out of finding capable freelancers. Our writer marketplace offers only the best in expert content writers. You can connect with our community of elite journalists and content creators with the click of a button.

How to use freelance websites to find content writers

When looking for content writers, freelance content writing sites are among the best places to search for talent. Freelance writer marketplaces are a simple way to get in touch with specialized writers who can meet your writing needs and excel at quality content creation for brands in a wide variety of industries.  

With freelance websites like PowerPublish’s self-serve marketplace, posting jobs is simple. You set the budget and the parameters of the job before writers apply. 

Once your listing is posted, it will become available for applications from PowerPublish’s network of expert content writers. Unlike other online platforms, PowerPublish vets all writers on our freelance marketplace, so you can be confident that the writers available to you have the skills and expertise to deliver quality content on time.

With PowerPublish, you’ll never have to guess where a freelancer is on a project. PowerPublish makes it easy to message your chosen writer within the platform, where you can also receive updates as the writer begins and submits their finished piece.

Why the best content writers can be found on freelance websites

According to an article from Forbes, as more and more U.S. workers turn to freelance jobs for employment, freelance websites are doing more to prioritize the success of these workers. As this priority rises to prominence, it contributes to the increase in workers who can commit to freelancing full-time, thus dedicating more time and focus to the jobs they acquire. 

Online boards allow expert freelancers to find work from anywhere, meaning that you, as the client, have a wealth of talent at your fingertips. By simplifying the hiring process, the best writer websites make it easy for the writer and client to succeed in the freelance marketplace. PowerPublish has streamlined the hiring process for freelance work, so you can always find the best writer for the job. 

What great content writers bring to a brand

If you’re looking to boost your brand’s visibility online, a content writer is the best person to turn to for specialized insight into creating compelling content. Specialized content writers have the knowledge and training to make even the most complex material into something digestible for the general public. 

PowerPublish is home to writers specializing in hyper-niche fields such as healthcare, finance, technology, and business-to-business (B2B) communications. These experts have honed in on the details of the industry they create content for. Specialist writers know how to keep up with the most up-to-date information, writing content that establishes your brand as a trusted authority. 

Whether you’re refining the marketing strategy of an established brand or getting ready to launch a new project entirely, hiring a content writer can bring in sales by increasing traffic to your website. Blogs, for instance, are sharable content that will bring viewers back to your site and further drive exposure to your product or services. 

It’s important to note that a content writer can also help with other, less obvious writing needs. For instance, you might need a writer to tackle a professional newsletter or press release. Writing for internal communications and upcoming announcements can be time-consuming; hiring freelancers can help take pressure off your full-time employees without additional staff. 

Professional content writers help with SEO

So you’ve hired a writer and paid for content — now you must make that content visible. Search Engine Optimization makes articles and other written content more visible to search engines. SEO is crucial to marketing your brand, as Google queries are among the top ways people search for information.

SEO writing aims to put your content as close to the top of the search results as possible. For instance, if someone were to search “back pain doctor near Austin,” you would hope that your Texas chiropractic office would come near the top of the list. 

The best sites for freelance writers are home to content writers who understand the need for Search Engine Optimization and know the ins and outs of making your content easy to find online. When posting a job, it’s a good idea to provide keywords and phrases you’d like the writer to use and list any special formatting needs you may have. Knowledgeable writers will know how to incorporate those needs into writing that reads quickly and seems natural to viewers.

What to expect from the best writer websites

The best writer websites are home to expert freelancers who deliver impactful content on time every time. PowerPublish’s self-serve marketplace vets writers, ensuring that you are only choosing from the best when hiring a writer. 

At PowerPublish, creating a job listing is simple, and there’s a plethora of tools to help you find the best writer for the job and keep in touch throughout the entire creation process. 

Find freelance writers by topic

PowerPublish’s premier online writer marketplace allows writers to make profiles within the platform, so you can filter by those who already specialize in your industry. Specialists are writers who focus on creating for their chosen field. While there are benefits to hiring a generalist writer as well, specialists are often better equipped to work precisely with complex information.

Legal writers, for instance, can be trusted to create content ranging from in-depth white papers and infographics to simple pages that break down your firm’s services for a general audience. Pages created by an expert content writer are creative and informative pieces that help build rapport with readers and increase sales.

Reuse your favorite freelance writers

While many capable writers are in the freelance marketplace, building a working relationship with a regular writer can allow them to familiarize themselves with your content and better represent your brand. Unfortunately, on many freelance sites, finding the same writer again can be challenging once a job has been completed, and you effectively need to start from scratch each time.

If you’ve found a writer you enjoy working with, PowerPublish makes it simple to find and rehire them. Our premier freelance content writing site makes communicating with writers simple, not only during the process of an ongoing job but long afterward.

Set a reasonable writing budget

When listing a job on PowerPublish’s freelance writer marketplace, setting a reasonable budget is easy. You can set your own price for a job before writers ever apply, so you know that the project will never exceed your budget. This strategy allows you to plan your content schedule in advance and coordinate with your available funds.

Advanced planning of content in advance means that your marketing needs will always be covered, and you’ll be able to hire writers well before that content is needed online. Thankfully, PowerPublish’s talented editors can help you develop a plan for your upcoming content. Our fully managed services will get you in touch with an editor who can assist you in everything from content strategy to writer selection, giving you the resources to stand out amongst the competitors with cost-efficient outsourced writing. 

PowerPublish helps you find freelance writers

When it comes to outsourcing writing, PowerPublish has you covered. Hiring a content writer can do wonders for making your brand visible, increasing sales and building your reputation online. 

The best freelance writer websites know how to help you skip the headache of finding a good writer. Whether it’s internal communications or a new blog, our community of elite journalists and content creators have the flexibility and expertise to tackle any of your writing needs with precision. 

Look no further than PowerPublish’s writer marketplace for freelance writers you can trust. Ready to get started?


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