Tricks & Treats of Outsourcing Your Content Writing

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Whether you constantly struggle with writer’s block or don’t have the budget to add a full-time content whiz to your team, outsourcing your content writing is a necessity to take your business to new heights. Relinquishing control of your content can be spooky, but there will likely come a time when you don’t have the capacity to type up your blogs or create a professional press release late at night as your business grows.

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time for us to hand out a few tricks and treats as we teach you how to outsource your content like a pro. Although navigating the content industry can be like trying to find your way through a haunted maze, planning the route you’ll take will help you to avoid getting lost.


Insider Tricks to Try

Following a few insider tips for outsourcing your content writing means you don’t have to worry about getting any toothbrushes in your trick-or-treat bag. After a few easy steps, you can expect to score plenty of king-size candy bars.

Choose the Right Writer

It’s no secret that there’s currently an influx of writers on the internet. Although you may have a second cousin who works as a freelance writer or your neighbor’s co-worker once wrote a book, not just anyone will do when it comes to meeting your content needs. When you hire a writer, they should have more than a journalism degree to meet your expectations. They should be polished, precise, and creative. They should understand your audience and have the skills to make a connection with your consumers.

Start with utilizing a reputable writing platform like PowerPublish to access a large pool of professional writers who have impressive portfolios and resumes. Review their writing samples to find someone who can capture your voice and has experience writing copy for your specific industry.

Know What You Can Afford

When working on your content needs, it can be easy to focus so much on words that you forget to think about numbers. However, knowing your budget will influence who you hire and how much content you acquire each month.

Determining your budget can allow you to set the schedule for your content to ensure it’s delivered on rotation each month. You won’t have to worry about any gaps in your content schedule or getting a stomachache from biting off more Halloween candy than you can chew and spending more than you can afford.

As the saying goes, you can expect to get what you pay for when outsourcing your content. Although rookie writers will charge you a few dollars for a blog post, you can expect to get grammatical errors, inaccurate facts, and even the risk of plagiarism for free. Putting your credibility at risk isn’t worth saving a few bucks in your marketing budget.

Know What You Need

Communication is everything when it comes to obtaining quality content that will launch your business to new levels of growth. If you don’t know what you need from your content, then you can’t expect the writer to tap into their psychic abilities and deliver what you need. 

Although you may have a laundry list of what you want your content to include, it’s also important to give your writer room to be creative. If you allow them to have a little fun when they write, it’ll reflect in the content and will enhance the engagement of your readers.

Providing clear instructions is under the same umbrella as knowing your needs and communicating effectively. Get ready to send the writer your style guide, as well as other samples of your previous content. What relevant keywords do you want to include? When’s the deadline? Do you need any internal links?


Sweet Treats That Come From Outsourcing

There’s a reason 50% of companies outsource their content. The number of goodies you get from relying on professional writers to create your content makes it an invaluable resource that can be one of the contributing factors to your business’ success. 

Lower Your Costs

Outsourcing your content equates to having extra money in your marketing budget. Hiring an in-house writer may make you feel fancy, but it’s also expensive. The average salary of a content writer is $36,099 to $45,072. That doesn’t include the cost of insurance and equipment. Having a few extra thousand dollars in your marketing budget each month can allow you to launch more campaigns throughout the year or even rebrand your organization.

Boost Your ROI

Outsourcing content will drive your ROI because you can access talent that helps you become a thought leader in the industry. You’ll establish more trust with your customers and increase their loyalty to the brand. Quality content will also increase your conversions, leads, and, ultimately, your profits to ensure your trick-or-treat bag runneth over this spooky season.

Publish Consistently

Surprises and interruptions are unavoidable and are often a daily occurrence when you’re running a business full-time. Whether there’s an outbreak of COVID in your office or a data breach, staying consistent with your social media or blog posts can be almost impossible.

Handing over your content to a professional writer guarantees your blog is always updated and won’t leave your digital readers twiddling their fingers as they wait for your latest post to go live. Instead of spending hours writing content, you can spend minutes submitting your monthly topics to writers each month.

Take Off the Mask and Increase Your Visibility

Low-quality content that doesn’t include keywords will keep your company in hiding. There will also be a traffic jam with your organic traffic. You may save a few bucks by writing your own content, but it’ll hurt your business and is bound to make you the underdog in the industry. 

Professional writers are trained in SEO and can make your business easy to find to ensure you’re not the house on the block with its lights off on Halloween. You can increase your visibility and extend your reach to establish your presence both online and in the industry.

Outsourcing your writing isn’t as scary when you rely on a writing platform like PowerPublish. With immediate access to in-house editors and top talent, you can be ready to launch your business in the right direction (without encountering any ghosts or zombies along the way).



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