Growing expectations from both customers and employees have led brands, including PowerPublish, to come forward and confront issues of public policy and social justice through social activism. Bold leadership must no longer remain limited to a company’s core business.

At PowerPublish, we now make our Content Studio platform available to youth groups and non-profit organizations for free. The software provides an effective way for these groups to be heard and share their message with a larger audience. We hope that fewer voices go unheard in offering this platform free of charge, and powerful messages are delivered and seen.

Black Lives Matter

It is important that employees, partners and clients know that we stand in absolute solidarity with the Black community and those who fight against systemic racism and injustice.

No longer can we ignore that minorities carry an extra burden in this country. Racism is both ugly and dangerous. These are undeniable facts.

It is time for the business community, in particular, to break old habits and biases. We must act now to create a more just society.

PowerPublish is responding to this mandate by reimagining both our processes and attitudes regarding equality. Such a transformation must start with listening, authentic conversations, and education related to equality and social justice.

As we travel this journey together, here are organizations and content that we are aligning with:

Andre Norman, social activism

Andre Norman

Often called the Ambassador of Hope, Andre Norman leverages his unique experiences to deliver a message of inclusivity and positive change. From prisoner to professor, from illiteracy to gang activity, Andre’s childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime and violence.

Today, Andre’s mission is to make a difference. He provides conflict resolution and violence interruption to prisons and police and community organizations.

Further reading

Our principles are in building communities and building movements for brand marketers through relevant and powerful content. The very least we can do is work diligently to provide content that shines a spotlight on social reforms and innovative solutions.

Below are some articles and resources we find especially enlightening: