You need copy for your company website, or your marketing department urgently needs a freelancer to tackle a new ad campaign. Your top executive is scheduled to deliver a speech that will garner international attention and wants the best writer available. Your company has developed a new product and needs assistance with brand building.

Where do you start your search for freelance content writing sites? More specifically, how do you choose among the best freelance writer websites?

In the freelance writer marketplace, it’s imperative to research the sites that can deliver what you need: the best content when you need it, according to your guidelines and budget. PowerPublish is one of the best freelance content writing sites today, whether you need to hire a writer for a one-time project, for ongoing content needs, or want fully managed content creation.

Freelance Writers Use Online Boards to Find Work in 2023

In December 2022, Forbes pointed to 2023 as a growth year for many individuals working as freelancers. They called this trend a “freelance revolution” and cited some compelling statistics from many online sites hiring freelancers. For example, a Fiverr study reported that 78% of companies plan to rely on freelancers for available jobs rather than hiring new staff. Meanwhile, MBO Partners found that freelancing full-time in the U.S. grew 59%, accounting for one-third of the total freelancing in this country.

While the Forbes piece focuses on all freelance jobs — not exclusively on freelance content writing sites or the freelance Writer Marketplace — the trend favors continued growth in freelancing opportunities. A freelance hire website hoping to capitalize on this phenomenon must offer only the best talent with the best platform, customer service, and a full complement of writing, editing, and content management services.

For the nearly 60 million freelancers in the U.S., finding reliable, good work means checking out online boards. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2021, nearly 143,000 writers and authors held jobs. This trend accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no sign of diminishing.

The reasons are simple and understandable. Freelance writers can work from anywhere, have flexibility in choosing the jobs they want, and choose their work hours, and the demand for their services keeps increasing. Writing opportunities allow them to showcase their talent and expertise while building their portfolio and making a name for themselves in the writing field.

Yet, only some freelance writers qualify as the best. Some are new to freelance writing or need more experience in the industry or sector for which they seek work. Some can’t adhere to deadlines, submit sloppy work, or miss critical elements of the client’s content requirements. Some aren’t experienced in brand journalism or lack search engine optimization (SEO) skills.

Since cream rises to the top, the best freelance writers not only gravitate toward the best freelance content writing sites in the marketplace, but they also find well-paying and satisfying careers with the best freelance hire website.

PowerPublish Leads the Way with New Writer Marketplace

With the debut of our new Writer Marketplace, PowerPublish is one of the best freelance content writing sites and best freelance writer websites today. Demand for freelance writers is fierce, and the supply is having a tough time keeping up. Not so at PowerPublish, where we attract and retain the best writers in the freelance Writer Marketplace. Our new Writer Marketplace is streamlined and easy to use, whether you’re a writer checking out freelance content writing sites or a company looking at the best freelance writer websites to hire a top-notch writer to fill your content needs.

As we announced at the launch of our new platform, PowerPublish can help clients upgrade their content approach “Faster, Cheaper, Better.” Here’s what Dan Curran, PowerPublish president and founder, says about the new platform. “PowerPublish has simplified everything. Aside from our intuitive self-serve interface, we also offer a ‘virtual editor,’ where brands can enjoy a more concierge experience.” The PowerPublish seamless blend of technology and journalism is a “game changer for modern brands.”

Companies and organizations (or individuals) seeking freelance writers need to check out the PowerPublish platform first. Why do we say we’re one of the best sites for freelance writers? Consider these 10 reasons to use PowerPublish for a freelance hire website.

Vetted Writers are on the Best Writer Websites

When messaging counts most, the best writers deliver the best results. To get the best writers, it’s imperative to check the best writer websites. Here again, is where PowerPublish shines. Our freelance writers are thoroughly vetted to ensure clients have an available roster of excellent, qualified professionals to satisfy their content needs.

Hire a vetted writer in our freelance Writer Marketplace. Enjoy no contracts. Cancel anytime — order content at any time. You hire the writer directly after you post your job project.

Experts in Versatile Industries

At PowerPublish, one of the best freelance writer websites, our freelance writers are the best in their fields of expertise. Vetted, experienced, highly capable, and reliable, PowerPublish freelancers are experts in versatile industries. Among freelance content writing sites, PowerPublish stands out with its stable of top-notch freelancers capable of creating content in industries:

  • Computers and technology
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Finance
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Digital entertainment (including gaming, streaming, and video)
  • Movie and television industry news
  • Consumer products and services
  • Corporate communications
  • Brand building
  • Business
  • Cosmetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and wellness

The best PowerPublish freelance writers are experienced in several industries and subcategories, specializing in content creation that runs the gamut from simple social media posts and short blogs to in-depth white papers, website copy, SEO optimization, brand building, advertising copy – whatever the client requires.

Elite Writers Know Brand Guidelines

Brands have specific guidelines or standards for communications to their various audiences that a business, corporation, company, and even an individual sets. The purpose is to guarantee branding and attribute uniformity and identity. This way, customers viewing or hearing messaging and communications from the brand produce similar feelings. Brand guidelines govern the design, colors, fonts, and voice for public communication.

Succinctly put, brand guidelines communicate how the brand is best represented. Brand guidelines help show the public what the company is, does, and stands for. The elite writers at PowerPublish are adept at knowing brand guidelines for their clients and brand ambassadors. They champion the brand with on-point, targeted messaging that consistently demonstrates the brand, its image, and its values.

Our PowerPublish Writer Marketplace transforms how today’s best brands outsource high-quality journalistic content.

The Best Freelance Writers Hit Deadlines

At PowerPublish, one of the best freelance content websites, our writers not only hit client deadlines but often deliver content ahead of schedule. Going above and beyond client expectations is a point of pride with our best freelance writers. This is a differentiator that separates the PowerPublish freelance writer marketplace from competitors.

Client deadlines are an essential part of the content production process. The best copy that isn’t delivered on time falls short of the best practices for freelance content writing sites. Our writers strive to ensure that doesn’t happen. The only exception is a mutually agreed-upon deadline extension resulting from additional client input or a change in content requirements.

Define Your Own Writing Process

The writing process typically involves distinct elements: prewriting, planning, outlining, writing a first draft, redrafting and revising, and editing and proofreading. As the client, you define the writing process you want the selected freelance writer to follow. Several revisions may be required, which should be specified or accounted for in the client project.

Keep in Constant Communication with Your Freelance Writer

In the freelance market, getting lost in the marketing hype and challenging to decipher what kind of communication will be available with your freelance writer is easy. At PowerPublish, our robust platform makes it easy to stay in contact with your selected freelancer. They’re accessible through a call or chat, sharing files, and tracking the project status on the PowerPublish platform.

Set Your Own Rates

Different content writing projects have different budgets, so the client must be able to determine and set their rates for each job posted to a freelance website. At PowerPublish, clients set their rates.

See the Status of Every Job

There is no more guessing when the job will be done or its current stage on PowerPublish, one of the premier freelance content websites. On our platform, the project dashboard shows where the content writing project stands so clients know when to expect deliverables.

Re-Hire Quality Freelance Writers

Once you’ve worked with a high-quality freelance writer on a content writing project, you don’t want to start from scratch with someone else for the next project you need to be completed. If the writer you’ve selected is from one of the best freelance writer websites, like PowerPublish, you want to be able to hire them again. Our PowerPublish top-notch freelance writers can be easily re-hired.

Back-Office Capabilities on One Platform

Our powerful PowerPublish platform offers clients back-office capabilities, including instant access to SMEs using AI technology to deliver excellent content at scale. Time-consuming tasks that bog down competitors are automated on the PowerPublish platform. Benefits include SEO optimization, real-time updates, and data-driven, scalable content.

We are a SaaS platform helping businesses publish brand content across WordPress and social media channels. PowerPublish is also a virtual newsroom, leveraging technology and content automation to transform brands into power publishers.

You tell us your content writing needs, providing as much detail as possible for the project. You’ll receive qualified proposals within a day. Then you can meet the candidates you’re interested in. Communication between client and writer is easy: call, chat, share files, and track the project’s progress in one platform. We’ve also simplified the payment process. Clients receive invoices and make payments through PowerPublish. We guarantee that clients only pay for work they’ve authorized.

We make it easy for clients to identify and work with our elite writers, or choose a managed content plan that provides expert content development and our professional editorial services. Clients work with a dedicated editor and can choose among subscription pricing packages. PowerPublish provides monthly strategy sessions, quantity discounts, blogs, white papers, social media, free stock photography, and free content publishing software.