Name: Mike Hutton

City: Valparaiso, Indiana


How long have you been writing?: Professionally for 29 years


Why did you become a writer?: I always liked words and I loved sports. I was an English major in college but I didn’t really pursue writing until after I finished graduate school. I have an M.A. in English. I fell into the newspaper business after meeting the sports editor of a local paper during a pickup basketball game. He needed a part-timer to work inside on the desk. I was awful at laying out pages. Luckily, I didn’t get fired. I was moved into a writing position instead, where I flourished. I recently left newspapers to pursue a full-time career as a freelancer.


What verticals do you write about?: Healthcare, mortgage, manufacturing, marketing, IT

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What is a favorite article you have written in your career?: There are too many favorite articles to pick just one. Recently, though, I rewrote a speech for an engineering executive to give to a trade group. I enjoyed that assignment. I always thought it’d be cool to be a speechwriter for a politician running for office. I did once work on a U.S. Congressional candidate’s campaign but I didn’t write for him. Doing the speech felt like I was working for a campaign. The audience was the executive’s base and he was sending out a feel-good message to them.


What is a hobby or something fun about you?: I’m a mediocre golfer who is hopelessly addicted to the sport. 



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