Name: Jaimie-lee Prince

City: Castries, St. Lucia


How long have you been writing?: 4 years


Why did you become a writer?: Passion! Former child bookworm. Current adult bookworm.


What verticals do you write about?: Digital marketing, business, home building, leadership, retail, recruitment, etc.


What is a favorite article you have written in your career?: In 2021, I told the thrilling story of two men who completed the first modern circumnavigation of my home island, Dominica. There were moments when they lost sight of each other and thought death might be near, but there were more instances of awe while experiencing the incredible nature within the country’s mostly untouched surrounding waters. It was a real highlight to write about the day-by-day adventures. It was also something different, and of course, it made the papers!


What is a hobby or something fun about you?: Reading, and going on adventures.



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