Name: Connie Sue White

Title: Senior Editor

Location: Orlando, Florida


What is one trait you learned in journalism school that you use in your daily life?: Hmm… Question everything!? All seriousness aside, I’m not so sure that I learned a “trait” while attending the University of Florida J-school, but I’ve found that being a truth-teller, curious, determined and persistent are at the core of my work and life.


Journalism background: After college, I set my sights on working for a local magazine publishing company that produced watersports niche titles. Eventually, after many months of networking (and sometimes social stalking), my determination and persistence paid off when I landed my first real job as a proofreader for Sport Fishing and Windsurfing magazines. Two months later, a managing editor position opened on Sport Fishing. Until 10 years ago, when I launched my own business, I worked on various consumer titles/brands as a managing editor, including Sport Fishing, Orlando Magazine, Scuba and Flying Magazine.


What do you think is the biggest adversity facing brand marketers in 2022?: A lack of resources seems to be one of the biggest challenges for many small business enterprise marketing departments, both from personnel and budget perspectives. There’s also an element of “expect the unexpected” these days, and that’s for any sized business. The key for us at PowerPublish is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible for our clients to help them meet their content marketing needs. 


What advice would you give to writers making the move to a freelance career: I’ve been successfully working for myself for nearly a decade. Granted, I’ve had a lot of luck, but being able to lose the need for routine, embrace the unknown and rejoice in the freedom to be able to make the best decisions for myself has helped me heaps in navigating this amazing adventure!


What should brands know about working with a PowerPublish editor?: Each of us is dedicated to doing our best to make each client happy. However, each client relationship is a partnership that requires communication and honesty. We can achieve the highest success together.


What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? This question has me stumped! Again, another stroke of luck, I suppose!



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