PowerPublish Is Positioned at the Intersection of Editorial Rigor & AI

PowerPublish.io has unveiled an enhanced writer marketplace connecting leading brand marketers to journalists. Eighteen months of beta testing attracted more than 100 brands as well as over 250 journalists, content writers and subject matter experts to the new platform.  With an increasing number of brands outsourcing content creation, PowerPublish expects to expand to more than 1,000 writers by 2025. 

The enhanced PowerPublish writer marketplace was specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of complex and highly regulated industries. Finance, healthcare and technology sectors require instant access to a deep freelancer talent pool of hyper-specialized writers.  

AI and Editorial Rigor

Brands turn to PowerPublish to safeguard against the use of machine-generated or plagiarized content. PowerPublish acknowledges that AI technology will have a significant role in content marketing, but recognizes the importance of maintaining high editorial standards to ensure content authenticity. 

“Our enhanced writer marketplace provides access to the next generation of elite writers who reside at the intersection of human expertise and technological advancement,” PowerPublish president Dan Curran says.

With PowerPublish, brands can be confident that their content, such as blogs and white papers, is not only original, but also exceptionally written to mirror the brand’s desired voice. PowerPublish has assembled expert freelance writers, many of whom have worked for the likes of WebMD, Forbes, The Washington Post, Business Insider,  MarketWatch and Fast Company to name a few.   Industry review sites have already celebrated  PowerPublish as a high performer for removing the complexities of accessing this elite braintrust.

PowerPublish uniquely caters to enterprise marketers by offering an innovative managed marketplace (with a dedicated editor) and a self-serve option. With the managed offering, a PowerPublish editor provides concierge assistance by matching brands with expert writers, overseeing content strategy and ensuring content integrity.

Economic Freedom For Journalists

With PowerPublish, journalists can monetize their unique skills as they migrate away from traditional publishing opportunities and towards freelance content creation. PowerPublish provides these writers with access to freelance opportunities that can translate to income stability. The result is a new era for journalists to monetize their work and aspire towards sustainable recurring income.  The enhanced marketplace technology also removes back office stress by automating such tasks as invoicing, payment processing, project management and video conferencing.

“The freelance economy is one of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S. with no signs of slowing down. We recognized a massive opportunity in recruiting journalists to the gig economy space. Our mission is to connect thousands of these journalists to brand marketers around the world,” Curran says.

For more information regarding our unique freelance marketplace, please feel free to schedule a demo here: https://powerpublish.io/contact or email sales@powerpublish.io.