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Content marketing is one of the oldest yet most viable forms of inbound marketing strategies. Done right, it can be incredibly cost-effective and serve to increase your customer base significantly.

But what is content marketing? Essentially, it’s a form of advertising, with the ultimate goal of producing great content that, in turn, increases sales. The process is referred to by marketers as monetizing your content. It is an essential component of your lead generation strategy.

While there are many different methods for monetizing your content, it is best to develop a content marketing strategy so you don’t get side-tracked. By first developing your strategy, you’ll leverage your content marketing strategy for optimal results. The first step is creating great content…

6 steps to creating great content

1. Keep it real

The best content consists of writing that is informative, engaging, and, most of all, real. Too many content marketers attempt to develop content that feels forced, stuffed with keywords, or contains so much sales talk that it causes the reader to lose interest. Aim for writing that is clear, concise, and to the point, and avoid fluff.

2. Make it relevant

Content that resonates with your target market is content that will convert prospects to sales. You need to be in tune with your customers; what are their wants and needs? Once you know what they’re looking for, you can craft content to answer their questions or help solve problems.

3. Find your angle

Your brand needs to have a distinctive voice, and so does its content. Will it be formal, witty, or casual? How will you capture the reader’s attention? What point of view will you use?

4. Take it to the people

Think about where you will publish your content, whether on social media platforms, blogs or elsewhere. There are many channels for posting content and attracting potential customers. The type of content you create and what channels your target market frequents most often will ultimately determine the best avenue for you to publish your content.

Regardless of where the content is published, the one thing you must always consider is SEO. Without SEO, your target market will have a challenging time finding your content, and your content marketing efforts wasted.

5. Think of the sales funnel

Consumers take part in a customer journey — from the moment they first find your brand to the moment they make a purchase of your products or services. Along this journey they will likely find some of your content, which, in turn, plays a role as part of your sales funnel. Where in the sales funnel will your content work best? Consider this as you create your content and you become much more adept at directing traffic to your website.

6. Add a CTA

It’s always important to a Call To Action, or CTA to your content. It acts as a prompt to the reader, propelling them further along the customer journey. Make sure your CTA fulfills the customer’s need, such as “Visit us now to receive a free estimate” or “Learn more about how to save money on home improvement.” It lets the reader know what to expect by clicking the link and serve as an incentive to do so.

Turning content into revenue

Now that you have created some great content, it’s time to take your content marketing strategy to the next level and increase your ROI. To do this, you need to get your content seen by your prospective audience.

You can repurpose your content into different forms for various social media channels. Alternatively, add new components to your content marketing mix, such as webinars, instructional videos or ask the expert and thought leadership style videos. This can further improve brand awareness and increase your customer base.

Brands in the healthcare industry can pursue additional avenues like teleconferencing and telehealth. These offer viewers important information or answer questions and concerns.

Figuring out which to focus on can seem daunting, and that’s why there are services available to help. Consider utilizing a content publishing service like PowerPublish to manage it for you.

Benefits of content publishing services

If you don’t have your own in-house marketing team, a content publishing service offers you everything you need to develop, create and publish excellent content that attracts website traffic and increases sales.

PowerPublish, for example, gives users direct access to their experienced brand journalists to create engaging content in your company’s voice. Its publishing content studio enables you to repurpose long-form content into blogs, infographics, videos, and social posts, published according to your schedule. Those who want to create a buzz can use its content hub to host all of their content in an optimized news environment.

Create, then create some more

Monetizing your content doesn’t have to be difficult but, make no mistake, in today’s highly competitive marketplace having a strong content marketing strategy is a necessity. And it’s not something you can do once and forget about. In order to ensure brand recognition and internet visibility, it is important to consistently create new content for your audience. Fresh content will help to maintain an edge over your competitors who are likely attempting the same.

Monetizing your content also takes patience. Analytical tools can tell you what you are doing right and what needs to be improved, but as consumer wants and needs are always changing, so too must your content strategy in order to keep up.

Find your channel

Don’t try too hard to publish content on many channels when you only need to be on a few. For example, there is no point wasting your efforts on a podcast when your audience in more inclined to find you via LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Remember, even if you have someone on staff who can create killer content, it never hurts to retain a professional content publishing company’s services. Their experience and pulse on the current digital marketplace can grant you greater insight and help develop your content marketing strategy.

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