Name: Nsisong (Cici) Asanga

City: Abuja


How long have you been writing?: I have written poetry and short fiction from childhood but I started freelance writing last year.


Why did you become a writer?: It was natural for me. I grew up in a home full of books. My dad was a lawyer and my mom was a teacher.I read lots of books from authors like Enid Blyton, Sidney Sheldon, James Hardley Chase and so on. Soon I started writing stories of my own and later I realised I could use this skill to solve problems for people and companies too.


What verticals do you write about?: I am a generalist at heart but probably because of my training most of my writing has been in the health and medical vertical.
However, I have written about solar energy, homesteading, private jets, cryptocurrency, leadership, and entrepreneurship.


What is a favorite article you have written in your career?: I don’t have a favourite article (yet). Everything I write is precious to me in some way. Also, some of the work I am really proud of was ghostwritten.


What is a hobby or something fun about you?: I am a titled chess player— Women’s FIDE Master. I love chocolate and I’d like to visit the Caribbeans.



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