Name: Kayly Lange

City: Riverside, Calif.


How long have you been writing? 5 years


Why did you become a writer? I always loved reading and writing but was certain it would be a poor career choice. However, when I was pregnant with my third child, I found SEO writing as a way to supplement the family income. I have since been able to grow my business to full time and my husband was able to quit his job to stay home and start his own business!


What verticals do you write about? Primarily tech and SaaS, but I do dabble in wellness as well.


What is a favorite article you have written in your career? I wrote an article on a new shoe that Nike made. The client sent me the shoe so that I could try it out on my own and write more confidently about it. I love those shoes — I still wear them!


What is a hobby or something fun about you? I am often outdoors when I am not writing. I love going on outdoor hikes and walks daily!



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