Name: Amanda Bretz

City: St. Charles, Missouri


How long have you been writing?: I’ve been writing creatively since adolescence. I began my professional career 16 years ago when my internship at a small newspaper turned into a part-time feature writer role.


Why did you become a writer?: I love to learn and share knowledge through telling stories.


What verticals do you write about?: Food & Beverage, Travel, Nonprofit, Lifestyle, Arts and Education.


What is a favorite article you have written in your career?: I worked in higher education in the public relations office, and part of my role was to write student and alumni profile pieces. It’s hard to pick just one article from that role, but overall, I enjoyed writing about first-generation American students, the first in their families to attend college, or who were able to achieve their educational goals despite numerous obstacles.


What is a hobby or something fun about you?: I love cooking, and I freelance for a food magazine. I don’t consider myself a typical foodie because although I love writing about food trends and upscale cuisine when it comes to my own cooking, I prefer the simple, home-cooked meals that my grandma made.



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