Name: Steve Lysaker

Title: Editor

Location: Denver


What is one trait you learned in journalism school that you use in your daily life?: Concision

Journalism background: I started working for newspapers (remember those?) in high school, and most of my early career focused on feature and entertainment writing. I’ve since served as a managing editor and digital media manager for newspapers, regional interest magazines and educational association publications.

What do you think is the biggest adversity facing brand marketers in 2022?: Knowing that they need content, but not sure what type of content will effectively suit their organization and provide the most bang for their budget.

What advice would you give to writers making the move to a freelance career?: Be an audience advocate and the harshest critic of your own writing.

What should brands know about working with a PowerPublish editor?: It’s a collaborative process that centers around developing an understanding of our clients’ industries, their products or services, their customers and their content goals. Editors are generally curious people who enjoy the challenge of learning and communicating new subjects, and our mission is to create relevant content that reflects our partners’ brands and engages their audiences.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever received?: “Just jump.”

Everyone needs a break. What was the last book you read?: “Oak Flat” by Lauren Redniss; a beautiful, heartbreaking, rage-inducing, nonfiction graphic novel about an Apache community struggling to protect its dwindling — and sacred — land from an international mining corporation.



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