Name: Katherine Blodgett

Title: Content Editor

Location: Johnson City, TN


What is one trait you learned in journalism school that you use in your daily life?


I learned the value of extensive research. Thorough research sets your content apart from other articles and allows you to offer something unique that readers can’t find by reading other material. Some of the most exciting articles I’ve written included interviews from sources other journalists couldn’t contact or weren’t willing to research.


Journalism background: 


I earned a journalism degree at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California, where I worked as a features editor for the school newspaper. After graduating, I worked for a magazine in Orange County, where I managed the blog and created fashion layouts. I moved on to working as a content editor for a local search and tech company before acquiring my own clients and becoming a freelance writer and editor.


What do you think is the biggest adversity facing brand marketers in 2022?:


In 2022, brand marketers are facing the challenge of maintaining an effective website because of how rapid SEO algorithms continue to change, as well as new technologies that continue to emerge. 


Failing to have a solid marketing plan is also a common problem that makes it easy to get lost in the crowd. It’s important to know your goals to invest in the right tools to gain more exposure. Knowing your goals will also allow writers to effectively communicate with your audience once they understand the purpose of the content.


What advice would you give to writers making the move to a freelance career


Writing as a freelance writer for nearly a decade taught me the importance of being readily available to your clients. It requires a lot of flexibility that can’t always be confined to a 9-to-5 schedule. I’ve found responding quickly and having fast turn-around times with delivering content earns their trust and contributes to the success of their company.


What should brands know about working with a PowerPublish editor?: 


PowerPublish editors are extremely detailed and thorough – to the point where perfectionism seems to be second nature. We truly have our clients’ best interests in mind and consider it to be a personal success when the content delivered increases the company’s online exposure, boosts its customer base or helps establish it as a thought leader. PowerPublish editors are always eager to share their input and industry knowledge to ensure it benefits each client when making decisions related to content.  


What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? 


I’ve been told to stick to what is reliable and consistent when making decisions in both my personal and professional life. Understanding that change is inevitable and any course you take in life has its challenges has motivated me to pursue opportunities that are more fulfilling and rewarding. I’ve discovered that both change and difficulties are inevitable, so I might as well pursue what gets me up in the morning.


Everyone needs a break. What was the last book you read?:


“The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer



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