Name: Jessica Moore

Title: Customer Success Manager

Location: St. Louis, MO.


What is one trait you learned in journalism school that you use in your daily life?:

One of the most important pieces of information I learned in journalism school that I use in my daily life is that accuracy is key. No matter what category of journalism, ensuring that you are communicating the most accurate and factual information possible is truly critical, and is one of the most important standard ethical principles of journalism.


Journalism background: 

I was a staff journalist and editor for my college’s online news network, covering topics ranging from sports and current events to opinion pieces. I was also a news anchor for the broadcast team which led me to my internship at STL TV where I dabbled in scriptwriting and talent work. I also worked in copywriting for about a year for an authorized telecommunications dealer where I gained a bulk of experience in SEO practice and target marketing. I have since been maintaining my personal blog which includes all of my journalism work to date as well as my short fiction pieces.


What do you think is the biggest adversity facing brand marketers in 2022?:

One of the biggest challenges that brand marketers have been faced with this year is Apple’s recent decision to enhance user privacy when it comes to iPhone ad tracking. The privacy update now gives iPhone users the choice to either allow data collection by brand marketers for ad tracking or to opt-out of data sharing. Because of this, it has become increasingly difficult for brand marketers to reach their desired market through targeted ads using conversion data.


What advice would you give to writers making the move to a freelance career

My advice would be to treat your freelance opportunities and projects as you would any other professional project, and thus it will reward you in the same way. Just because the freelance career marketplace is somewhat alternative to the typical corporate lifestyle for content writers does not mean that skipping steps is acceptable. Your online presence is extremely important and could make or break your potential writing opportunities. Building a strong online portfolio of work that is completed in its entirety and on time is a huge factor in deciphering whether or not you are suitable for certain jobs.


What should brands know about working with a PowerPublish editor?:

When it comes to working with a PowerPublish editor, it is important to know that they will oversee the entire process to lessen the workload involved with hiring writing talent and monitoring the progress of the job. There are endless benefits involved with opting for the fully managed route. Some of the key advantages include consistent communication including feedback and real-time updates, in-depth interviews, rigorous fact-checking, credible sourcing, SEO optimization for data-driven results, industry expertise, and an overall stringent editorial process from start to finish until completion of the job is finalized.


What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? 

I have always set the bar exceptionally high for both my personal and professional goals in life. This might have some relation to the fact that I was a competitive athlete for 13 years, which molded my personality into that of a “go-getter” determined to push myself to great lengths at most tasks until I succeed. Because of this, I have been given cautionary advice from others on multiple occasions. There have been numerous times that people have told me to think more realistically when it comes to my goals, and to expect less in terms of what I can succeed at in both my personal and professional aspirations. I always took this kind of advice with a grain of salt because I believe that the higher you set your goals, the more you will achieve. I have learned through personal experience time and time again that even if you do not accomplish a goal to the full extent you were hoping for, you will still always perform better than you would have if you hadn’t aimed as high as you did.


Everyone needs a break. What was the last book you read?:

“Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within” by Natalie Goldberg