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Companies are starting to realize and accept that content marketing is an essential aspect of growing a successful business. Unfortunately, many have yet to recognize the next, and even better, iteration: brand journalism. These brand journalists can speak to, engage and resonate with customers and potential clients in ways traditional content marketers often can’t – or in ways that their schedules won’t allow.

Business or brand journalism is more than just a form of content marketing, though. And as companies try to return to some degree of normal following the coronavirus pandemic, this approach will become more important than ever. Once you understand the basics of brand journalism and what it can offer, you’ll understand why your next marketing hire should be from this emerging field. 

What is brand journalism? 

Since a reported 96 percent of consumers don’t trust advertisements, businesses have found that inbound marketing strategies are becoming a more successful route. Customers don’t want to be sold to; rather, they want actual value and the ability to make purchase decisions on their own. Unfortunately, even inbound content marketing isn’t as effective as it once was. 

This is where brand journalism comes into the picture. The term brand journalism describes utilizing journalistic best practices, such as interviewing, reporting and fact-checking, and writing in a more formal, journalistic style to teach consumers more about a company or specific brands. 

Your blogs, white papers, e-books, social media posts and videos can still tout the benefits of your company, but you want these pieces of content to be more educational and useful than just an advertisement.

Why should you hire a brand journalist?

There are many advantages to using a brand journalist, which is why one of these professionals should be your next hire. Learn about all the benefits your company gets when you outsource your content marketing and brand publishing, and you’ll understand why so many businesses have already taken this step.

  • The rest of your team can focus on what they’re good at, instead of trying to create content. 
  • Brand journalists specialize in creating original, high-quality and compelling content, as well as using SEO best practices, so your content can succeed as soon as it goes live. 
  • You’ll gain access to thought leadership because brand journalists are skilled in reporting, able to learn various fields and up to date on current events and industry trends.
  • Versatile brand journalists wear many hats and have an expert eye for writing, editing, social media, video, design and more. They are virtual editors for your brand.
  • They have a knowledge of social media best practices and why certain strategies and types of content work better than others. 
  • They can produce informative, engaging newsletters for you to send to your marketing lists. 
  • With a reporter’s experience, brand journalists know the importance of deadlines. A timely piece about a trending, relevant topic can do wonders for your company. 
  • You’re gaining a level of critical thinking and creativity you might not already have in-house. 
  • These professionals have a copy editor’s eye for detail, but they can still see the bigger picture and are also marketing professionals.
  • Your audience wants great storytelling, not just facts; brand journalism experts know how to identify, create and tell a great story. 
  • You’re typically getting a “people person” with good interpersonal communication skills who excels at connecting with your clients and coworkers and can conduct good interviews.
  • Marketing is about appealing to more than just one audience. These professionals understand this basic fact.

These benefits are just the beginning. Building successful brands takes a lot of work and the right people. When you’ve got talented, professional brand journalists on your team, you’ll see the value in no time and wonder what took you so long to make the decision. 

Hire a brand journalist today

Whether you’re trying to increase awareness and lead generation, build thought leadership within your industry or grow your business, hiring a brand journalist can help you meet your goals. Killer content for brands is a critical part of business success. Letting blogs, white papers, social media and other potentially game-changing content sit on your organization’s back burner is a lost opportunity. 

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