The world of content marketing is continually evolving, and to remain relevant, you need to grow and adapt. Live streaming video is the most significant advancement in marketing to date and offers a vision into the future of marketing. 

Live streaming involves the broadcasting of a live video to your audience over the internet. All you need is a stable internet connection, an internet-enabled device and a platform that supports live broadcasting. Traditionally, live streaming has been extensively used for entertainment. Over time, however, it has been incorporated into diverse industries such as finance, healthcare and politics. 

Using live streaming, doctors can create healthcare content, manage patient appointments, offer diagnoses and treatment remotely from anywhere in the country. Political analysts can hold discussions about various topics and have audiences join in and participate in different parts of the world. Financial advisers are also able to teach and advise their audience matters regarding the stock market, wise commercial moves and upcoming business ideas.  

Broad audience potential

The demand for visual content is on the rise. With technological advancements, numerous platforms supporting live streaming, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By using live streams, companies can invite users to engagements such as product launches, virtual events, telehealth services and real-time product reviews. Previously, content marketing was limited to blogs, adverts, events, and print media. While these methods are effective, their reach is often restricted. For example, product launch events require physical attendance for engagement to occur between brands and consumers. Through live streaming, it is possible to reach users on a global scale.

Encouraging user engagement 

Successful content marketing maximizes images, video, text, and audio to promote campaigns, products and services. Live streaming allows you to utilize all of these elements to create an even more engaging experience for your users. Unlike recorded and edited videos, live streaming enables viewers to engage by offering real-time reactions and opinions, and ask questions about the service or product. 

Live video opens up an unlimited source of information that may have otherwise been hindered by geographical limitations. Take telemedicine, for example; live streaming allows for specialists to offer expert support to one another while in different locations, enabling a surgeon to receive assistance in real-time through live streaming. Patients are also able to ask specific questions that may be unique to their geographic areas.

Making it pay

Live streamed content can be monetized and serve as a source of income for content creators or industry specialists. Especially in niche markets, audiences are willing to pay for useful or entertaining content. Healthcare content marketing is an excellent example of how live streams are revolutionizing diverse and unique industries. For instance, healthcare marketing helps in patient acquisitions, engagement, and retention. 

There are multiple avenues to generating money through live streaming. Many consumer live-streaming platforms offer content free of charge but earn income through pop up ads. Advertisers can use live streams to gather geographical and demographic data, which helps them identify what the consumers are doing and the best product and service placement. 

For business-focused or premium content, you can monetize your live streams by charging viewers directly. This is possible using pay-per-view models or monthly subscriptions that allow your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Because most live stream platforms are either free or very affordable, there are little outgoings, which means anything you generate is profit. 

Planning to maximize the benefits

Telemedicine is an excellent example of the vast benefits that live streaming and content marketing provide for any industry. Telehealth removes the commute and facility costs, and reduces the waiting time for a regular hospital visit. With an HD webcam, computer and internet connections, doctors can reach millions and offer vital information that could be life-saving. 

You can also create an engaging live video by inserting images, using multiple webcams from varying angles, creating titles and graphics in advance and providing users with a clear next step to find out more or subscribe. Notably, when creating online healthcare content, it is crucial to put yourself in your patient’s shoes and anticipate what they want to know, questions they may ask, and recommendations that could serve as takeaways. This ensures that your engagement is informative, engaging and wholesome. 

It’s important to remain present during the entire live stream to capture real-time reactions, read comments and respond to questions. Using the pre-existing marketing avenues can also help maximize your live stream session. For example, placing posts on social media alerting your audience about upcoming live streams. 

The right marketing strategy and tools will influence the success of your marketing efforts. At PowerPublish we offer numerous services geared towards generating more audience reach, interaction with your product and service through your online content. We also offer live streaming with Zoom, right from your own branded content platform. Contact us today to find out how your product or service can reach more viewers and earn you more revenue.