In January of 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates penned an essay where he famously said, “Content is king.” Although plenty has changed in the last 26 years, his quote continues to remain relevant and is what powers the success of some of the top companies around the world. He predicted the future of the internet to be a marketplace for content, and he wasn’t wrong.

Gates suggested that content is where the real money is to be made on the internet, and although marketing and the changing nature of technology have evolved at a rapid rate, content continues to remain consistent in its demand and relevancy.

A picture may speak a thousand words, but it fails to offer as much information as your content. The content you post on your website, social media pages and even on the packaging of your products is what represents your brand. It determines your voice and how well you connect with your consumers. It’s the middleman between you and the consumer.

Content determines your brand’s relevancy in the industry. It has the power to establish your brand as a thought leader and can position you as an expert. It tells your audience that they can trust you — that you can solve their problems.

Why More Brands Are Using PowerPublish’s Services

It’s hard to spend time on the internet or on social media without encountering content. Many marketing teams are stretched thin and don’t have the education or skills to produce high-quality content that is engaging and interesting. After becoming burned by content mills that are infiltrated by AI-generated content and inexperienced freelance writers, more companies are transitioning to PowerPublish. 

PowerPublish has proven to be a one-stop shop where everything from large brands and small start-ups can quickly acquire customized content that meets the goals of their marketing plans. The suite of services provided by PowerPublish makes it easy and efficient to obtain all forms of content, including:

  • Whitepapers/eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Light writing
    • Social media posts
    • Online banner ads
  • Heavy writing
    • Landing pages
    • Pillar pages
    • Press releases
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Proofreading
  • Email copy

Increase Conversions

It’s always time to increase your leads. Whether your brand is the underdog in the industry or you’re a proven leader, content is one of the best-kept secrets to expanding. It’s why 88% of B2B and B2C marketers rely on content marketing to increase their brand awareness.

The content you use to communicate your message to your audience should be relatable and earn the trust of your consumers by giving guarantees. Investing in quality content will give your brand a distinct voice that proves you stand behind the services or products you offer to drive your sales.

Content outsourcing can also allow you to rely on professional writers and brand journalists to use the right words to remain persuasive without appearing salesy. The language that is used can communicate urgency without coming off as pushy. It’ll prompt your readers to take action without feeling like you’re using slimy sales tactics.

Content is Affordable

More companies understand the value of content and how it’s a more affordable marketing tool. It doesn’t cost a fortune and is more cost effective than traditional marketing methods. This means you don’t have to dig out your thesaurus and start typing away in an attempt to create professional copy, but you can have immediate access to writers who are highly experienced and will communicate the right message to your consumers.

Meet Our Extensive Roster of Brand Journalists

PowerPublish’s large roster of brand journalists on the writing platform allows companies to focus on other areas of their company and leave the heavy lifting of content to the professionals. Instead of investing your money in a full-time writer, you can outsource the services and rely on industry experts who are passionate about writing and will help you stand out as a leader amongst your competitors.

The quality content provided by our brand journalists in our freelance community means you don’t have to invest extra time in multiple revision requests. You can look forward to acquiring refreshing content that is tailored toward your specific needs, whether you want to make a connection with your followers on LinkedIn or you’re looking to increase the organic traffic to your website.

You can rely on managed writers and experienced editors to help you catch your breath and take a break from the rat race. We fill the needs of brands who are ready to focus on other areas of their marketing plans and rely on us to obtain data-driven content. We don’t want to develop marketing plans, that’s not what we do, but we can help fill your brand’s marketing needs with high-quality content that is often the missing component to achieving rapid success.

Our Content Meets Your Brand’s Marketing Needs

It’s no secret that content isn’t going anywhere. It’s why most companies allocate 25% to 30% of their marketing budget to content. You can have more of an edge in the industry and feel more confident as your website increases in its ranking and is easier to find. 

With quality content, you’ll be recognized by Google as the algorithms continue to change. You don’t have to worry about being left in the dust and can have a solid presence that sets you apart from your competitors and allows your voice to be heard.

Even the largest and most recognized companies can’t afford to wait a moment longer to invest in quality writing services. It’s the easiest way to tackle your SEO goals without spamming your readers with a bunch of filler content that contains too many keywords.

As more companies move away from spam, popups and intrusive banners, it’s time to give people what they want: relevant and engaging content written by a professional writer. Quickly obtaining inspiriting, well-researched and entertaining content is possible through PowerPublish.

Hire a writer today and begin utilizing the services of PowerPublish to achieve your content marketing goals and become more established in the industry. You can look forward to becoming a Power Publisher with the help of a professional writer and our concierge editing teams.



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