Your organization does great work and has important things to say. But how do you effectively convey your brand and your messaging to your followers — and prospects — through social media content?

Here are five tips to establish a solid foundation for social media messaging:


1. Provide a Clear Message

Trying to say too much at once can water down your messages and make them unappealing to social media followers.

Social media provides unlimited opportunities to reach your audience. Take advantage of that by focusing on one message per post. For example, a healthcare company that wants to teach people how to wear face masks can post one message explaining that the mask should cover the mouth and nose. Future posts can provide statistics about mask-wearing effectiveness and other related health tips.


2. Create Targeted Content

No one wants to read generic content. Get your audience excited by giving them something unique that addresses a specific problem or question. You may even want to request questions from your followers, then tailor content that addresses those questions in a fun and straightforward way.

Remember that you can use social media posts to direct people to lengthier content, including webinars, videos and blogs. As long as your social media post gives people a compelling reason, they will click your link to learn more. At that point, you can dig deeper into details with thought-leadership posts and lead-generation forms.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks. If something doesn’t appeal to your audience, you can abandon that strategy. If something gets a lot of attention, then you can follow that track to build your audience and get more people involved.


3. Provide Calls-to-Action

You need to do more than deliver your message to people. You need them to act on what you give them. A post without a call-to-action (CTA) probably won’t accomplish much.

Learning to write engaging CTAs can motivate more people to follow through. Don’t leave your audience wondering what to do next. Tell them! For instance, if you’re a healthcare technology provider who wants followers to take advantage of your telehealth services, include a CTA that says, “click here to schedule a telehealth meeting.”


4.  Research Trends

The 24-hour news cycle can feel like such a bore. It often means that people hear the same stories over and over and over. Following trending news articles makes it easier for you to focus on emerging stories before they wear out their welcome.

You can keep your eyes peeled for stories that connect to your organization’s mission. Then, when you spot a compelling story you can use it as an opportunity to post about your products and services that relate to the topic.

Also, make sure you pay attention to trending keywords and social media hashtags. They may not seem important, but they can make a big difference in the number of people who find your post. You want to keep your current followers happy, but you also want to grow your audience.


5.  Use Consistent Fonts and Colors that Align with Your Brand

Ultimately, you want your social media posts to give people useful information, grab their attention and make them more familiar with your work. One way to build this recognition is to use consistent fonts, colors, images and other branding details throughout your posts.

You need elements that tie together your social media posts, videos, blog posts and website. A visual brand will make your organization stand out no matter where you post.


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