How to Win Against Your Healthcare Competitors Online

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Some experts in the healthcare industry say that more competition will lead to better outcomes. Sure, transparent pricing might help patients choose affordable services, but every doctor’s office knows that it already works in an extremely competitive industry.

Better content marketing can help you come out ahead of healthcare competitors online. However, you may also need to change the way that you reach your current and potential clients.

Stay current by showing you care

Healthcare changes faster than most people understand. In 2019, few doctors thought about how a pandemic could prevent patients from getting the care they need. Today, it’s one of the most essential things for healthcare organizations to consider.

Your approach to content marketing needs to show that you understand your patients’ concerns. Publish advice that can help them stay healthy during the latest pandemic. Share information about using telehealth technology, like video conferencing and teleconferencing, to talk to healthcare providers without visiting in person.

More than 75% of Americans surveyed said that they would consider using telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once they start using the technology, in-clinic visits will feel unnecessary, and will not want to go back.

Market to your patient persona

Do you know what appeals to your patients? You can probably learn a lot just by taking a close look at your practice.

If you run a plastic surgery practice in the city that serves cucumber water in the waiting room, you should market to those who expect a luxury experience. If you’re a pediatrician with an office in a low-income community, let patients know their payment options and how you keep kids entertained before visits.

The more you know about your patients, the more effective your content marketing will be.

Make your practice easy to find online

Your website needs to take advantage of every online lead generation opportunity. Start by making sure people can find you online. Check your location and contact information for accuracy. Use Google Maps to make sure it gives patients good directions and register your website with online business directories like Google Business and Bing Places for Business.

Make sure to create blog posts that combine thought leadership with search engine optimization strategies. Post engaging articles that contain relevant keywords. Improve your search engine ranking by participating in webinars to increase your website’s authority.

Don’t cut corners when creating relevant content and following the SEO guidelines. Without them, your website barely exists.

Get attention by offering something different

Think about what you offer that makes you different from other practices. Do you have high-tech equipment that patients will find interesting? Do you have enthusiastic staff that make visits more enjoyable? Consider why someone would choose your practice over other local options. It’s important to understand what it is that makes your practice stand out. It will open marketing opportunities and help establish your brand.

Make your website mobile friendly

People rely more and more on smartphones to communicate, shop and search the internet. Who needs a clunky computer when you can carry everything you need in your pocket?

The statistics show that U.S. adults prefer using smartphones to go online. According to Pew Research, 81% of adults in the U.S. have at least one smartphone, while only 73% of adults have home broadband.

People will be using mobile devices to find you, so you need a website that works well on small smartphone screens. That means your blogs, landing pages and other types of content need responsive designs. If your page doesn’t display correctly on a mobile device, customers will find another site that does.

Have a presence on social media

The power of social media gives you more opportunities to connect with patients. You can use it as an advertising platform, but you can also use it to answer questions online. Make it personal by posting pictures of your staff members and share health information. But make sure you don’t break any HIPAA laws by sharing photos of your patients!

You want to get as much out of social media as possible without wasting time. Focus your efforts on the most popular platforms. Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion users. Instagram has around a billion users.

Don’t choose your social media platform on numbers alone. Think about your patient persona and which platform they use. A business audience can be easier to reach on LinkedIn, while younger customers prefer options like Snapchat or TikTok.

Take a helping hand

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. PowerPublish can help to develop the right kinds of content for your online presence and create a platform that will put other healthcare practices to shame.

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