It’s important to produce timely, relevant and consistent social media content to reach and connect with new leads. Your company already knows it should be creating newsworthy blogs – or outsourcing them to talented brand journalists – to tell your brand story. But even the most interesting, impactful blogs can’t deliver value if no one sees them. 

By sharing blog content multiple times across your social media channels, you can leverage the social engagement you receive to drive visits to your website, providing a direct way for leads to learn more about your company and contact you about your products or services. 

Having an engaging social media presence is essential to any 21st-century business model, but it’s easy to get sucked into the obsession of having a huge following or the latest viral post. Social media engagement can be a good indicator of whether your content is landing with your audience. But does an increase in views, clicks, and likes always translate into increased revenue, and should that be your focus?

To really stand out and grow a quality audience with higher engagement rates, you need to build a total content strategy that reflects your brand identity and is rooted in informative and entertaining blog content. 

Increasingly, whether because of time constraints, lack of expertise or other reasons, businesses are choosing to leave blogs and social posts to the pros. Many outsource their content to a virtual marketing department composed of brand journalists that can write capably about a range of topics and apply best journalistic practices to remedy the pain points modern businesses experience. This way, your content comes across as carefully planned, polished and produced, instead of as amateur or an afterthought. 

Now, let’s talk about how to craft that comprehensive content plan, which will connect you with better leads and grow your business sustainably.

Trust the social media mavens

The first step in creating a successful content publishing plan is to clearly communicate your company’s values, brand identity and current marketing parameters. Remember to share an approved image library and any other relevant brand materials such as logos, fonts and color schemes with your virtual marketing department so your social media will be cohesive to your website content and overall brand design. Don’t forget to share your goals, including where your company currently stands and what success will look like.

Your team of brand journalists will evaluate which approach makes sense for your business model and then craft a unique social media strategy. Hard-hitting captions, carefully researched hashtags, eye-catching imagery and a compelling, coherent brand voice can grab the attention of your target audience online and direct it toward your blog content and website.

Trying new things can seem risky. But shake off any sense of intimidation that comes from trying ideas that may be outside your comfort zone. After all, this is why you rely on veteran brand journalists who have the vision and abilities to guide your content to new heights. Trust the pros to use their expertise to employ the best solutions in an ever-changing social media landscape. 

By providing the tools your VMD needs for social media, you can focus on content strategy and other big-picture considerations. This helps to avoid burnout in your core team members and allows them to focus on their specialties. It also saves time and money, as experienced brand journalists can create better social media content more quickly and easily, enabling your internal staff to be more efficient and focused on their other responsibilities.

Incorporate social into a larger content strategy 

It’s essential for your social media team to find the best solutions and keep up with industry trends. You are the authority on your company and industry, but don’t be afraid to relinquish some control of your content strategy to the pros. It’s important to remain flexible to new ideas if you want to capture new audiences, so stay open to suggestions and alternative approaches. 

It can be beneficial to borrow from competitors who have engaging social media. Share what you like about certain social pages with your internal or virtual marketing team so it can replicate them in a way that makes sense for your content goals and your brand. Employ relevant keywords, hashtags and tags that are consistent across all content so potential leads can find your services more easily. Integrate your email marketing, blog and social strategies so they are cross-promoting content from within. Your website should be plugging your newsletter, which links to your Instagram, which mentions your latest blog, and so on and so on. 

The best way to keep your audience engaged and to appeal to different needs is to keep your written content fresh, original and useful. Alternate between short-form blog posts, attention-grabbing social posts, well-designed infographics and more in-depth content like long-form blogs and white papers. Connect your subject matter experts (SMEs) to brand journalists who can distill their knowledge of the industry into more accessible, digestible content that answers the questions your consumers are asking.

Outsource today and start publishing

Discover a team of expert brand journalists and virtual editors who can guide your total content strategy through PowerPublish’s simple outsourced solution. Whether you need social media, blog content, ebooks, ultimate guides, email campaigns or something else, our virtual marketing department offers customized solutions that deliver results while saving you time and money. 

PowerPublish believes the key to a profitable social media strategy starts with great blog content. Connecting with the right leads means creating thoughtful, informative, and entertaining content that can best be done by professional brand journalists. While clickbait-y social posts may get likes and even some people to your website, the key is keeping readers on the page long enough to deliver substance and offer solutions. All the clicks in the world mean nothing if they don’t translate into better business contacts and more industry authority. 

Are you ready to work with expert brand journalists to craft a blog-driven social media plan? Contact us for a demo and learn how PowerPublish uses your goals to build a cohesive total content strategy that increases your website traffic and connects you with better leads.