Blogs, web copy, digital scripts, video ads, social media posts, short-form ad copy, brand messaging, in-depth analysis pieces, and long-form content are crucial elements in public and private communications in any company, business, organization, or entrepreneurial operation.

While you may have an in-house or external agency for some content work, branching out with freelance copywriters for hire helps increase visibility and boost market share at a fraction of the cost. It’s quicker, faster, and cheaper to hire a freelance writer.

What You Should Look for When Hiring Freelance Copywriters

You know you want to hire a freelance writer but don’t want to waste your time endlessly sifting through writer profiles to find the best freelance copywriters for hire. Before starting, ensure you know what to look for when you hire a content writer.

At a minimum, if you want to increase visibility and market share with top-notch content, hire a freelance writer with industry experience, and find a freelance writer that meets your needs.

Increase Visibility & Market Share with Superior Content

When you hire a freelance writer, you want a professional who can help you increase your visibility and market share with excellent content. You want a writer who crafts messages that break through the clutter, offer a unique or unexpected approach, and cause the reader or viewer to think, feel, and act on the strength of the content.

The best content writers for hire are proud of their work, consistently in demand, and always deliver superior content. The more comprehensive your project, the greater the need to hire writers online who are well-qualified for the work.

Industry Experience

No one knows your industry better than you do. When you have content needs, you need freelance copywriters for hire that are knowledgeable about your industry and have documented evidence of their experience.

The last thing you want to do is hire a freelance writer without experience or familiarity with your industry. Other websites with content writers for hire have freelancers that need more background experience in your industry. They wouldn’t be able to create stellar content to suit your needs.

That won’t be sufficient. PowerPublish promises more. Our freelance copywriters for hire possess in-depth experience in various fields. Whether the industry is technology, business, finance, healthcare, or manufacturing, our robust platform offers high-quality, experienced freelance writers who deliver — every time.

How PowerPublish Helps You Find the Right Copywriter for Your Marketing Project

The PowerPublish platform provides clients with a comprehensive suite of content creation by preeminent talent. By marrying journalism and technology, PowerPublish delivers premium content faster, cheaper, and better than the traditional ad agency. We offer a seamless experience, a robust platform, and self-serve or managed options. There’s no more straightforward, easier-to-use virtual writer marketplace platform than PowerPublish.

What do you need for your marketing project? We can help you find and hire a freelance writer who perfectly fits your copywriting needs.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer

Do you want a generalist to write different types of content? Or do you need a niche copywriter with years of experience in your industry? Remember that the best freelance copywriters for hire can demand more money. Their years of experience, excellent content writing skills, and ability to deliver on time and according to deadlines make them invaluable assets to your company or business.

Start with a clear job description. Know how much experience you want in a writer and whether they specialize in your niche or industry. Know your budget, project timing, and deadlines along the way.

Know the tone you want for the content, the length, the purpose, and whether the copy is standalone or part of an ongoing campaign.

Why Should I Outsource My Content to a Copywriting Service?

Every company, organization, business, entrepreneurial operation, and individual who needs content or copy has a budget. Ad agencies are expensive and charge a markup. When using a copywriting service to outsource content, you’ll save money, know your budget, and — if you use PowerPublish — get your content faster, cheaper, and smarter than if you only use an agency or in-house talent.

By utilizing freelance writers for hire, you don’t have to:

  • Pay benefits
  • Withhold taxes
  • Arrange for office space, or other employment needs
  • Pay for their gas to attend meetings or interview SMEs
  • Schedule hours to accommodate personal needs, lunchtime, medical appointments, etc.

Freelance writers are self-employed and responsible for paying taxes due on their earnings and any contributions to Social Security and Medicare.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer with PowerPublish

When you hire a freelance writer with PowerPublish, you can expect to be delighted with the speed, ease of use, and high quality of our PowerPublish virtual marketplace. The benefits of PowerPublish to clients looking for freelance copywriters to hire are many, and some of the best reasons to check out our content writers for hire.

Handpicked Copywriters

PowerPublish freelance copywriters are the best in their fields. Since only the best content writers for hire are available on our platform, clients can be assured that these handpicked freelance copywriters will perform at their peak.

Furthermore, the client chooses which writer they want to work with, so the selection process is always client-driven. With the PowerPublish virtual writer marketplace and our managed writers’ option, clients work with editors who always have access to world-class writing talent.

Match a Hire with Experience in Your Industry

When you want to hire a content writer, look no further than PowerPublish. Our freelance copywriters for hire specialize in creating authoritative content in the sectors they’re most experienced in, which assures the client that they will more than deliver on the job requirements.

Clients enjoy instant access to vetted professional journalists skilled in telling brand stories and creating content in various industries. PowerPublish helps clients hire writers online experienced in finance, business, healthcare, technology, general industries — and subcategories or related fields.

Ability to Follow a Brand Style Guide

Brand identity is crucial to any company, organization, and individual for marketing, awareness, reputation, sales, and customer service. It must be consistent across all communications and follow established guidelines. Being able to track your brand style guide accurately and consistently must be a prerequisite for any content writers for hire under consideration.

PowerPublish enables you to hire a freelance writer who is a vetted brand journalist, a master content creator, and a powerful storyteller.

Timeliness and Respect for Deadlines

The work delivered by content writers for hire is only exceptional when it hits the mark on all the client’s job specifications. This includes work completed according to the agreed-upon schedule and respecting all deadlines. The best copy delivered two weeks after the deadline is sloppy and unprofessional.

PowerPublish freelance copywriters for hire will meet your deadlines.

Defined Writing Process

Know what you need for the job when you hire a content writer. Will you need revisions included in the job price? Do you need a specific tone in the piece? What’s the intent of the content – persuasion, education, entertainment, thought-provoking, humor, brand awareness, showcasing product lineup or services?

Each type of content requires a content writer who can adhere to your writing process. It’s OK for the writer to ask questions and should be encouraged. As long as they manage their writing schedule, asking relevant questions is the sign of a top-notch freelance writer.

Ability to Communicate Directly with Your Writer

Another feature clients enjoy when using PowerPublish writers is the ability to stay in touch with the writer. Using the PowerPublish dashboard, clients can immediately communicate with writers and see where the project stands.

Ask questions, clarify job requirements, provide a meaningful quote or statistic, or engage in other communication pertinent to the project.

Set Your Own Rates

A tangible benefit to working with PowerPublish to find content writers is that you set your rates for the project. Whether this is a one-time project or you have ongoing content needs, placing your rates means you can budget more effectively and get more for your investment.

Up-to-Date Status of Your Job

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you hired a freelance writer and never received updates on the status of the job, you know you want to only work with writers you can count on to keep you informed every step of the process.

Using PowerPublish freelance writers and copywriters, you’ll continually be updated through a proprietary platform that also facilitates constant contact and back-office capabilities.

Re-Hire Quality Freelance Writers

Finding a top-quality writer can be daunting the first time you do it. Once you’ve worked with a freelance writer for your content needs, why start fresh looking for another writer if you can re-hire the one you like?

At PowerPublish, we make it easy to work with the same writer as before. Clients with our fully-managed content creation plan can specify the writer they want to use, even stating a preference for that writer until otherwise notified or content requirements change.

The PowerPublish virtual marketplace allows clients and prospective clients to re-hire professional freelance writers they’ve worked with before. Once you’ve established a working relationship with your freelance writer, engaging them again for additional or ongoing content needs makes sense.

Content Returned Quickly

Clients want work completed on time and with professional efficiency. The best copy won’t do the client much good if it doesn’t meet the specified deadline.

While striving for perfection is a laudable endeavor, professional freelance copywriters for hire on the PowerPublish platform know how to pace their work, perform rigorous fact-checking, and perform high-quality editing before submitting their work.

Our writers will meet all deadlines to return the client’s content quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality.

PowerPublish offers clients a streamlined approach to satisfying all their content needs in the freelance marketplace. With our two options – fully managed and self-serve – we focus on delivering world-class content and a practical and seamless client experience.

Clients can oversee the work, stay connected with their writers, track hours, and pay through the platform. It’s a seamless, efficient, practical, and innovative way to satisfy your content needs.