If your company is preparing to unveil a new project, earnings report, or other timely information, constructing a compelling press release will be crucial to catching the public eye and creating a buzz around your business. 

In the past, a press release was often handled internally by an organization’s PR  department. However, hiring a freelance content writer can help boost the visibility of your announcement, maximizing your success at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time writer. 

What Is the Purpose of a Press Release?

A well-written press release can increase exposure to your brand, catch the attention of journalists, and even help build trust with current and prospective customers. Press releases communicate essential information such as upcoming projects or impending mergers. Ideally, media organizations will reference your press release directly in their own reporting.

When you create a press release, you’re putting the best foot forward for your business. A press release captures all of the exciting news you have upcoming and captivates consumers and investors alike with the best of your financial figures, new products, and more. 

What Does a Press Release Look Like? 

An expert press release will read like a type of discourse, approachable to journalists and the general public. Each press release reads similarly to already-formulated news, meaning journalists should generally require very little work to pass that information on to the public. In other words, a press release should be concise, informative, and highlight the key details you want to stand out when someone hears about your business. 

Specialized content writers can make the information in your next press release accessible to readers in a broad audience, giving you an unparalleled edge in marketing for the upcoming announcement. 

Why Should You Hire a Press Release Writer?

A press release writer has the industry experience to meet your writing needs and ensure that your announcement will attract positive attention to your brand. Many businesses are turning to freelance writers as a cost-effective way to hire an individual with specialized skills on a job-to-job basis. No matter what industry you are looking to hire for, there is a specialized writer with the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. 

Where to Find Professional Press Release Writers

Finding a professional press release writer can be tricky. Posting a single on job platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed may be met with mixed results. 

Not only does this method force you to rely on the popularity of your brand and listing, but it can take time to process large amounts of applications, coordinate with the prospective writer, and may ultimately leave you with uncertain outcomes for the project. By the time you are ready to send your statement to a press release service for distribution, you have already sunk far more time into the announcement than you had planned.

Professional writer marketplaces help solve this problem by narrowing your options to those who already have expertise in the matter. When you’re getting ready to hire a writer, a marketplace can simplify your options and help to ensure your next press release is in capable hands. 

Content Writer Marketplace

A content writer marketplace such as PowerPublish has freelance writers available to create niche content in a variety of industries, from technology and healthcare to retail, manufacturing, and human resources. 

PowerPublish’s expert freelance writers will take your press release to the next level, and the process is simple. Once your job has been listed on the content writer marketplace, it will become available to our unique community of elite journalists and content creators, so you know you are choosing from the best. 

Platforms to hire freelance press release writers

In the age of the internet, a wide variety of platforms are available to choose from when hiring freelance press release writers. However, hiring managers should be diligently aware of sites that are filled with scams or may not be suitable for more than entry-level work. 

When arranging a press release, you want your news to remain timely by the time the report has been published. It will be important that the writer you hire is prompt and delivers a product ready for release immediately upon receipt. 

Professional sites like PowerPublish only hire vetted, expert content writers and even offer fully managed solutions for those looking to have an extra set of eyes on their content. 

PowerPublish’s talented editors can help you through the writer selection process, advise you on upcoming content creation, and more. 

Find the Top Press Release Writers on PowerPublish

Power Publish brings together leading writers from across many industries, offering you the smartest and fastest way to create intelligent content at the click of a button. Hiring a press release writer through PowerPublish sets your business up for success with the best in content creation and marketing strategies. 

The process at PowerPublish is straightforward. Whether you opt for self-serve or fully managed content creation, our platform will give you access to reliable, high-quality writers you can re-hire for ongoing work. PowerPublish makes it easy to set budgets and deadlines as you post the job, simplifying the process of achieving world-class press releases. 

PowerPublish is trusted by leading brands and offers simple solutions for even the most complex industries. If you’re ready to unveil your next press release, you can count on our writers for content that is on time and ready to be seen by the world. 

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