Whether you’re building a first website for your prospective business or refining the marketing strategy of an industry staple, hiring a freelance content creator can boost your visibility online and increase sales. A professional content creator is the person behind digital information and experiences such as newsletters, emails, marketing material, and more. 

What Does a Freelance Content Creator Do?

Hiring a freelance content creator for your business needs is a great way to ensure that everything from your internal company newsletters to your next social media campaign is well-designed and effective. At PowerPublish, we specialize in connecting businesses to our community of elite journalists and content creators, providing a simple and reliable way to meet your content needs. 

Do I need experts?

Every specialized industry has content creators with expert knowledge to give you an edge against the competition.

A specialist content writer has honed in on a particular industry and knows the ins and outs of the subject area. Healthcare writers, for example, can write confidently about health subjects and talk to doctors, nurses and other healthcare SMEs.

Specialists have the expertise to think creatively about the projects they are handed and will have a more thorough knowledge of the business than a generalist would, making them ideal for handling more complex industry knowledge. 

What are generalists?

Generalists are flexible working on a variety of subjects, building diverse portfolios as they take on new and exciting jobs. A generalist writer might specialize in their method of content creation (SEO blogs, social media, script writing, etc.).

While generalists may lack insider industry expertise, they are usually open to the challenge of working with new information, and have backgrounds in other areas that they can synthesize into unique and interesting content. 

When are subject matter experts my best option?

While there are benefits to hiring professional content creators across the board, some types of content creation require the precision of an expert. Whether you’re looking for a writer to work with throughout a long-term social media campaign, or to convey complex information in your next company newsletter, hiring a specialist content creator is an effective way to achieve the best results.

12 Types of Freelancers for Content Creation

The writer marketplace at PowerPublish has brought together world-class experts from leading publishers to meet all of your content creation needs. No matter what industry you’re working in, a writer is available to hire. 

1. Content strategist

The role of a content strategist distinguishes itself from any other creator in that a content strategist plans and develops the overarching strategy for a business’ multimedia needs. A content strategist creates content while knowing the best ways to increase the number of people that specific content reaches. 

At PowerPublish, we offer two distinct types of content creation services: a self-serve writer’s marketplace and fully managed access. By allowing one of our talented editors to manage your upcoming content creation schedule, you can be confident that your upcoming content calendar will only feature the best and most effective media to boost your company’s visibility online. 

2. Ghostwriter 

A ghostwriter is a freelancer who writes text on their client’s behalf. Ghostwriters are perhaps best known for penning memoirs and public speeches, but did you know that they also operate in marketing? A talented ghostwriter can also become your go-to for regular blog posts, social media marketing, and more, leaving your SMEs and experts to take the byline credit without dipping into their busy schedules to write. 

3. Technology writer

For writing that requires a layer of expertise in this rapidly expanding field, technology writers are the specialists you can trust. A writer in this industry specializes in niche content across the sphere of the newest technology and can work adeptly with topics like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, computing and hardware. 

Technology writers know how to dive into the newest research available and can provide insight into applying that information to compelling, SEO-driven content. 

4. Healthcare writer

When it comes to healthcare, getting the information right the first time is crucial to building trust with your clients. Hiring a specialized healthcare writer is a great way to ensure that the content your company releases is accurate, up-to-date, and helpful for those reading it. 

Expert writers understand how to address the nuances necessary for effective healthcare marketing. Healthcare writers know how to research the finer details and identify customer needs in an industry that requires developing a multifaceted understanding of who is looking for what services, as well as the social context surrounding that need. 

5. Legal writer

Legal writers produce blogs, white papers, profiles and more for law firms looking to connect with clients or the legal community. Hiring a freelance content writer for law firms is a reliable way to ensure you continue producing content that connects with your intended audience without the stress or expense of hiring a full-time employee. 

An effective legal writer can make concepts easy to understand for prospective clients, whether it’s breaking down high-profile cases for social media posts or making family law services approachable to the average consumer. The job of a freelance legal writer is to make your legal services easy to understand for those in need with accommodating and persuasive writing.

6. Real estate writer

From driving new home listings to the top of the search results to breaking down local HOA policies, real estate writers have you covered. Real estate writers have an expert understanding of the market, with its ups and downs, and can hone in on your area to create localized content that brings in sales. 

Understanding real estate as a unique type of property with ever-changing value helps writers make content that matters. Tools provided by real estate writers (such as how to buy a house in your intended school district or understand property taxes) make property transactions less stressful for buyers and sellers and can help build your company’s rapport. 

7. Financial writer

Financial writers can take your copy to the next level with authoritative pieces about banking, investments, cryptocurrency, and more. Experts in this industry understand its complexities and can make your company’s services more approachable for the average person or speak the language for B2B customers. 

Finance writers may be experienced in market commentary, business news, or earnings reports. These writers can tailor writing to meet the needs of your audience so everything from your company’s internal communications to your next advertisements is clean, clear, and professional.

8. Education writer

Education writers are journalists who cover topics across all fields of education. These writers have the know-how to handle pieces on everything from school violence to university rankings. 

‘As dedicated professionals, education writers are up to date with the most recent research and developments and can help your educational institution with top-quality news, reports, and other online content. 

9. B2B writer

B2B, or business-to-business, communications involve the transactions between businesses that are necessary for them to function. For instance, if your company is involved in manufacturing, you might hire a B2B writer to advertise your services to relevant wholesalers. 

As the world of B2B marketing grows more complex, compelling content becomes more important. Hiring a freelance B2B writer from PowerPublish is a great way to ensure that you receive such high-quality content on time and hassle-free. 

10. Manufacturing writer

Writers in manufacturing understand the needs of this industry and specialize in materials such as instruction manuals and product guides to help consumers get the best use out of your company’s product. They may also create informative pages, such as an FAQ list, for other businesses to research your offerings. 

Additionally, manufacturing writers might create marketing content such as blogs and social media posts that draw attention to your company. Increasing your visibility online is a great way to ensure that your company is seen by customers directly, as well as by wholesalers who may be in need of your services.

11. Science writer

Being a science writer is a term that encompasses those freelancers and other content creators that work with the most recent research, from white papers to press releases for your company’s most recent development. 

Science writing is not a new field, but it certainly offers its own unique challenges. Presenting scientific information in a way that is easy to read and understand requires a level of expertise that science writers approach with a knowledgeable hand, creating content that is approachable to readers but does not oversimplify the content at hand. 

Outsourcing your writing needs for your business in healthcare, technology, or engineering ensures that your content is both compelling and intelligent to all audiences.

12. Energy writer

In the energy industry, trends are continuously changing. Energy writers keep up with the latest in the industry, driving content toward the areas where attention is needed most. 

As in most other specializations, energy writers produce all forms of content, from news reports to your next trending social media post. When you need content that drives search results and impresses shareholders, the expert energy writers on PowerPublish’s freelance marketplace are sure to deliver.

Hire a Freelancer Using PowerPublish

In any industry, communication is vital to maintaining the business relationships you’ve formed with consumers, investors, and the general public. Hiring an expert who understands your company’s niche will make certain that your written communications are handled with precision. 

With PowerPublish’s freelance marketplace, connecting with a unique community of elite journalists and content creators has never been easier. Interested in learning more?.


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