Deep, nuanced authority on a product creates brand identity. It also translates to trust for potential customers who want to know why your product or service is worth buying.

An authoritative, 3,000-word blog is more effective than a 2,000-word blog.

Why? The bottom line is expertise. Information is more credible to customers when more detail is offered and if the piece is more in-depth. That’s why an expert should do your writing.

Don’t misunderstand. A well-written 2,000-word blog can also achieve great results. However, the mastery of a subject is solidified with veritable, clear facts that are communicated effectively. This sells.

Expertise is Vital for Competition

A blog post on a website could be your customer’s first exposure to your brand. The best way to draw that customer into your brand in a competitive marketplace is to make an excellent first impression.

When it comes to a substantive blog post, the content should show fierce knowledge of the subject and facts to back it up.

A well-written blog post is only one piece of the puzzle to score with a customer. Without that piece, though, it is difficult for a business to open the door on the internet for potential customers.

Finding that opening on the web is why it’s critical to have substantive blog posts. The longer, the better (according to various studies of Google rankings). It’s why expertise is crucial for your business’ brand. A good expert should also be able to provide you with comprehensive blog post ideas that can also enhance your brand.

Let Your Brand E-A-T

A good content writer satisfies E-A-T: short for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google appreciates posts that fit the E-A-T criteria. The algorithms tend to look for E-A-T posts, and they pop up quicker when a user searches for a subject.

A seasoned content writer understands SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concepts. That means getting keywords into visible parts of the story for Google to notice and making the text knowledgeable to raise the Google ranking.

Expert writers understand how to develop content with authority and the complexities of the subject matter. And they know how to E-A-T for social media.

When you want your website to be noticed, excellent blog writing is a skill best left for experts. (You wouldn’t want a general practitioner to perform your heart surgery, after all.)

Finding Good Experts

What are experts? That answer depends.

For instance, if your company wants to inform customers about the value of investing in a Roth IRA, it would be beneficial to find a Certified Financial Analyst to weigh in on the benefits of a Roth.

You wouldn’t want your marketing team to find just “any” CFA, though. It should be someone who can be engaging and informative about finances through their writing.

But let’s say you can’t find a CFA promptly, or one just isn’t in your budget. An expert journalist or freelance writer can learn the language of different subjects.

Good writers know how to find experts and talk to them about the subject matters they are writing about. They can find their voice by interviewing intelligent people who understand a product.

In short, they can be like ghostwriters for a product. They know tone and style, and even better, they know how to connect with any audience.

Knowing their craft allows a polished writer to deliver a compelling and credible story. And one that has the SEO words in the right places.

Budget For Your Experts

Experience might cost a little more upfront but can make you more money in the long run. An experienced content writer will drive traffic to your site.

A writer that charges $200 per hour will be more likely to bring five or six times more traffic than a writer that charges $50 per hour.

You’ll likely find that the more money a writer charges, the more credentialed they are. That means a business owner will get the best of both worlds: someone who writes well and is a documented expert in their niche.

Some sites need a mix of experts and generalists. Generalists are writers who can quickly turn around a product description that doesn’t require a deep well of specific knowledge. Or they could write blogs that don’t need much technical expertise. A generalist wouldn’t cost as much as a niche writer.

It’s important not to assume that an expert writer is as good as an expert content writer. An expert writer might know how to describe a product or service in rich layers, but it doesn’t mean they know how to position a story so that users will search it out. The story has to be exciting and with keywords in the right places to drive traffic. Attracting new users to your site should always be the goal.

Managing Your Experts

Look for a seasoned writer by checking out their presence on the internet. The most polished writers have a website detailing their work.

Have a dialog with your writer before making a hire. Make sure what they write about fits your needs or that they can figure out what is required to generate a compelling post. Hiring is always the tricky part of figuring out this piece of the puzzle.

The best way to access a pool of writers is to work through a content agency. Companies like PowerPublish have access to a variety of different expert writers who will make your brand better.

We can match your branded content interests with exceptional freelance writers and journalists. Outsourcing your brand publishing allows you to eliminate the need to search for the experts that fit your content and instead find the content that delivers results and drives revenue.