Freelance Writing in 2022 Looks Different. Here’s Why.

Freelancing — and especially freelance writing — is nothing new. At this point, everyone and their mother know the stats that “so many tens of millions of people are freelancing” and “freelancing is the future.”    But the truth is, the gig economy isn’t one predictable, formulaic string of uphill growth. ...

2022-08-08T10:55:56-05:00August 8, 2022|Guest Blog|

Beyond Woke: Use a Freelance Writer to Embrace Social Justice

If you believe that everyone deserves the same economic, social and political opportunities, you believe in the fundamentals of social justice. But the scope of this term isn’t limited to individual activism. Today’s brands, like people, have the power to elevate marginalized communities and underserved populations through their active involvement in ...

2022-07-20T12:25:39-05:00June 20, 2022|Guest Blog|
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