The advent of brand content creation was a breath of fresh air. Customers had grown tired of blatant advertisements, junk mail, cheesy commercials, web pop-ups and banner ads. Brands that developed their own content provided a way to promote a business’s goods or services without these out-of-date techniques. 

Content creation is a method of highlighting features and strengths through longer-form content. Content marketing and creation could increase your industry authority and drive sales by providing answers to highly searched-for questions.

Brand journalism takes the process one step further. Instead of churning out feature-led articles packed with SEO terms, it employs journalistically trained writers and creatives who thoughtfully develop engaging and educational content. Brand journalists develop informative content that is useful to the reader.


What is Brand Journalism?

A brand newsroom is a content creation powerhouse that produces and publishes unique content tailored to your current and prospective audiences. The freelance writers and creatives within the organization are brand journalists. Like any engaging content, brand journalism pieces inform, educate or entertain, but they also meet customers where they are in the buyer journey, thus potentially increasing profits. 

While some content marketing is a contemporary way to showcase your company and share information, it can still feel like advertising. Brand journalism equally benefits the reader and the publisher.


How Does Brand Journalism Work?

The brand journalism model prioritizes fast, relevant, and accurate content. The world is rapidly changing, so advertising must, as well. 

Brand journalism newsrooms build relationships with established, traditional journalists, so your content is polished, regardless of media. The format also employs specialists from your company and industry as subject matter experts (SMEs), so written, video, and podcast content is informed and dynamic. When you hire a writer to develop your content, readers, viewers, and listeners trust your business, which makes your website the go-to source for industry news and builds lasting relationships with consumers.

Brand journalism allows a company to show more authenticity, whether that is by touching on relevant social issues or demonstrating transparency in their business practices. While the brand newsroom strives to emulate the objectivity and accuracy of a true newspaper, it still allows a company to express some feelings.


What Can Brand Journalists Do?

Although every newsroom is different, full-time brand journalists can create, edit and publish content in a variety of mediums, including:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media ads
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design


Let Brand Journalists Elevate Your Content

Before you dive into the exciting world of brand journalism, you should ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where are they?
  • What is their need?
  • What do you want them to do?

In addition, think about what kind of content you find interesting. That likely reflects the kind of content your prospective clients would want to see, too. Furthermore, will anything short of hiring a freelance writer help you develop the consistency and structure needed to be effective? Original content can establish your brand authority and keep your website from getting stale, but only if you’re producing high-quality work consistently.

Once you’ve done your homework, seek a team of reputable freelance writers to launch your content to the next level. PowerPublish has revolutionized the brand newsroom model and offers clients an on-demand service and freelance platform to connect with talented journalists who specialize in a variety of industries. This takes the work off your shoulders and puts you in the capable hands of a company whose entire business is creating epic, engaging content and making your brand flourish. 

PowerPublish gives you access to your very own fully managed content team. You can work with a dedicated editor to order premium articles, white papers, social posts, and more, with every piece of content adhering to your specific requirements. We also provide the tools you need to manage all of your content. It’s never been easier to curate, create, and publish premium content to drive customer acquisition and industry authority.