If you believe that everyone deserves the same economic, social and political opportunities, you believe in the fundamentals of social justice. But the scope of this term isn’t limited to individual activism. Today’s brands, like people, have the power to elevate marginalized communities and underserved populations through their active involvement in these causes.

When you approach social justice issues as a brand, you must be sincere, transparent, and impactful. And not just because the internet is forever. If you’re riding a wave, things can backfire because the repercussions of your impact are harmful, despite your intent. 

Nowadays, clients and customers are seeking brands that share their values. Although addressing social injustice helps brands gain recognition, some enterprises hesitate to involve themselves in trends that might fizzle out or haunt them when they fall out of favor. 

But social justice isn’t just a trend. 

It’s a phenomenon that’s changing the business landscape and people’s lives for the better. Brands that want longevity can utilize the talents of freelance writers as they embrace this shift and take actions that positively impact their communities.


Tackling Social Justice is Good for Business

Promoting social justice is good for business because people associate your brand with something bigger. Involving your brand in causes that resonate with your target audience encourages people with similar values to choose your product or service over others. 

But it’s not about popularity and profit alone; it’s about how you put ideas to work. You can do this by supporting grassroots efforts as Chobani yogurt does or by providing access to clean water like IKEA.

While great social justice isn’t just about the publicity and making the efforts, you have to be able to tell people about it. Involving a freelance writer helps your company gain perspective as well as a creative force. Your writer can help you shape the narrative of your message and assist in creating full campaigns (press releases, blog posts, social media design, etc.). Using a freelance writer or writer-editor team helps your company save money that you can put back into social justice efforts.


It’s What Customers Want

Nearly every American surveyed as part of IPSOS Diversity & Inclusion research wants to see a significant global shift towards sustainability and equity. And they want brands to spearhead those efforts. If you’re unsure where to start, look at your metrics, resources and target audience. Then you can pinpoint who they are, how inequality impacts them, and what you can do to help. 

You can perform social justice regardless of your brand or business. For example, if you’re a freelance writer or freelance editor, content creation that addresses social justice issues is one way to help raise awareness about issues that matter to you and your community. When hiring freelance writers and editors, consider those with experience writing about social issues.


Embracing Social Justice Inspires Trust

If you want to address social justice issues, sincerity is necessary to gain people’s trust. One way to maintain that sincerity is by picking a cause that genuinely means something to you instead of one that is popular. 

Suppose your product is made by women who live in underserved communities. In that case, you can donate proceeds to support them and maintain their livelihood. If you’re near an area that has a large indigenous population, strive to use your brand to increase awareness about obstacles that affect them. You can even collaborate with other grassroots brands or those owned by minorities. 

Then, you need to tell people about it. When Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are a part of your brand, use freelance writers and editors to create a whitepaper or annual report about what DEI looks like in your enterprise. Be honest, don’t hide salaries or even numbers you aren’t proud of. When you create these reports annually, you’ll inspire trust in your clients, customers and even your own employees if you can show positive impacts in representation areas that might be lacking. 

By hiring a writer to create these reports, you’re using an unbiased outside talent that will show off your honesty to stakeholders and shareholders. 

Don’t stop at a DEI report. Use freelance talent for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports and whitepapers that show your company’s efforts toward sustainability.


It’s The Right Thing to Do

When your brand embraces social justice, your efforts should be 100%. True allies seek solutions to people’s pressing problems and don’t compromise on their values. Whether it’s housing inequality, ensuring equitable opportunities, or finding solutions for sustainability, these issues affect our world and the people who live in it. 

Working to benefit causes that address these issues through your brand gives people chances and helps them thrive. And that’s what community is all about.




Sarah Ratliff is a corporate America escapee turned eco-organic farmer, writer and published book author. From her Puerto Rico homestead, she writes about social justice & advocacy, cannabis, natural health and DEI.

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