As we know, content is king. High-quality, carefully distributed content can dramatically boost website traffic, earn industry recognition and significantly increase ROI. And while ad agencies can help you realize your marketing goals, they tend to charge sky-high fees.

What if, instead of relying on expensive external services, you could create and publish your own original, engaging content?

In a fast-paced world filled with new content platforms and digital resources, brands looking for DIY marketing solutions have a wealth of affordable alternatives. Before you decide to ditch the pricey ad agencies, understand the landscape to make the best decision for your project budget and specific needs.


Why Are Ad Agency Fees so High?

Content production is an artfully scientific process that involves strategy, creation and distribution, which generates awareness, leads and, hopefully, sales. Ad agencies charge a pretty penny to share their golden formula gleaned from hundreds of hours’ worth of work by creative experts.

Customers expect ad companies to create compelling content because of their expertise and experience in the industry. With this trusted reputation, the agencies can charge higher rates. Agency professionals’ fees vary but typically deliver a complete marketing package, including social media strategies, email marketing, branding, pay-per-click, website development and content creation.

Additionally, agency staff often undergo routine training and development, which requires extra cost and contributes to the higher fees. Established ad agencies usually guarantee quality content and profitable returns, but they come at an exorbitant price. And there is no guarantee that even the best outsourced content expert can meet or exceed your KPIs. 

Many small businesses may not have the budget to purchase the complete suite of services from an agency, potentially leading to brand continuity issues down the road. And here’s the thing: what if you already have most of that? You’ve probably conceived of your own social media strategies and are in the process of your own website redevelopment. Why are you paying for “extras” you don’t need? 

Companies can avoid future complications by taking control of their content marketing strategies right from the start.


Hire Professional Writers

When your marketing team has the talent to create the strategy but not enough bodies to implement it, there’s a simple solution. Businesses can save considerable costs by spending only on the services they need. For example, if a brand seeks a talented professional writer, it would likely be more cost-effective to hire a solo creative from a freelance marketplace instead of an ad agency.


Utilize Content Specialists

While going directly to a freelancer is one less expensive option to traditional ad agencies, using a brand publishing content provider ensures that your projects are briefed adequately to the writer and edited to ensure voice and tone. Adding a dedicated editor also includes (at no extra cost):

  • SEO-optimized content
  • Content calendars
  • Strategy sessions
  • Social media text with relevant hashtags

Your final pieces of content will be professionally edited and optimized before delivery.


Use Content Publishing Software

Content publishing software features a comprehensive suite of specialized tools to help users succeed in the world of content marketing.

Platforms offer ready-to-use solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry. For example, health care facilities can benefit from collaborative teleconferencing and telehealth solutions.

Using specialized software eases content marketing complexities, helping companies drive their tailored, targeted narratives for desired results across all mediums and social channels.


You Are the Expert

As an expert in your field, you have the power to produce quality content, given the right tools and support. Rather than heading straight to an ad agency, consider a brand publisher that can channel your knowledge into powerful campaigns that succeed. Contact PowerPublish today to find out how to join the content publishing revolution.