Technology and technical writers are in high demand, and the field continues to grow. Data USA statistics showed about 60,500 technical writers in the United States in 2020. 

The 10-year forecast for technical writers is 7.36% estimated job growth. With technology innovations on the rise, companies searching for a technical writer for hire can find it challenging to hire the right writer for the job.

That’s why it’s important to utilize a freelance writer platform like PowerPublish that offers companies access to vetted technical writers and can help with the best ways to hire technology writers.   

1. Know What Qualities Make a Good Technical Writer 

Technical writing is a specialized writing form requiring a skill set focusing on details and instructions. Technology writing is like technical writing in some respects but focuses more on the technology business and its uses. 

Nevertheless, an excellent technical writer for hire needs to be well-versed in several qualities. 

  • Technical writers are enthusiastic about technology. They regularly upgrade their skills and passionately pursue knowledge about new technologies. 
  • Technical writers are equally passionate about writing. They can understand and list necessary procedural steps in the content they produce. The result is high-quality, easily understandable content. They consistently meet deadlines and satisfy all job requirements. 
  • Technical writers use graphics and multimedia elements to clarify and explain technical ideas and concepts, making the content clear and concise. 
  • Technical writers are good problem solvers. As logical thinkers, they comprehend the situation and find solutions to issues, using operations analysis, and linking compatible technologies or other innovative products and services. 
  • Active listening skills are another essential quality of good technical writers. They know that the best way to gain insight and information is often to allow the client and others with intimate knowledge of the technology to speak. 
  • Technical writers know their target audience. Writing about technology entails communicating information in content appropriate for the audience and how best to communicate that message. 
  • Research skills are essential for any good technical writer. The client’s requirements typically require the technical writer to perform thorough research before beginning the content writing process. 


2. Tech Writers Embrace Structure and Organization 

Writing about technology is a complex task. It requires tech writers with a high level of structure and organization. Organization of facts is crucial, but so is the content strategy to lay out the facts understandably and accurately. 

3. Technology Writers Speak Different Levels of Complicated Technical Languages 

Technology has symmetry and levels of complexity. The best technical writer for hire can speak and articulate varying levels of complex and complicated technology so that the content they produce is easy to read and understand. The technical writer for hire you select must be skilled in communicating everything from basic technical concepts to highly complex technological processes.

This ability must be a prerequisite and should be in the project posting. Think about the purpose of the content you require. What significant benefits do you want to convey? Are there disadvantages the tech has overcome through innovation? How is your product or service differentiated from the competition? 

If it’s a new technology, product, or service, what does it do? How well does it benefit specific audiences, like users or buyers? The more complex the technology, the more you need a technical writer for hire that can articulate your message clearly and concisely. When you hire technology writers, be sure to select the one you know can deliver your technology message. 

4. Tech Writers Play Well with Others 

Any good technical writer for hire must interact well with others. These include the client and other individuals at the company, organization, or outside entity where access to vital data or information resides. For example, the client may require the writer to conduct one or more subject matter expert (SME) interviews. Good communication skills are necessary to ensure the best outcomes in any such encounters. 

Technology is complex and often seems too complicated for non-technical individuals to understand. While your chosen technology writer may be familiar with the terminology the client’s product or service entails, interpreting the features and benefits of this technology to the public requires skill and discipline. 

When you hire technology writers, they must have good listening capabilities and ask the right questions, which means knowing when and how to push for more information while respecting the client’s or their representative’s time. 

5. Technology Writers Know the Biggest Trends in Technology 

Technology changes rapidly. What was innovative and first-to-market is soon imitated, replicated, improved upon, and then replaced by newer tech. An expert PowerPublish technical writer for hire stays on top of the biggest trends in technology. This helps them retain their edge as a talented technical writer. 

  • How long does a technology trend last? 
  • How do the best tech brands maintain their lead? 
  • Where does your technology brand, product, or service rank in the tech industry? 

Clients who hire technology writers should be ready to clarify their position and highlight critical differentiators. Communicate with the technical writer for hire your goals for the technical content you need. 

For example, if this is a breakthrough technology, what obstacles or problems does it overcome or solve? What are the limitations, if any, of the technology? Be ready to point the technical writer to case studies, success stories, patents, publicity, tech industry awards, and industry experts to lend authenticity to the content. 

6. Tech Writers Understand the End User 

A good technical writer for hire can take a technology business idea, product, or service and convert it to readable, accessible content. The essential significance of the technology underlies the range, although 

it is written in a conversational language. The process involves information collection, analysis, and systematization. 

When reading the technical content, the technical writer can anticipate questions consumers or end users have. To help answer these questions, the writer provides authoritative links and cross-references within the piece. The writer is adept at tailoring technology content to meet the needs of different end users. 

For example, the client may require a user guide for technical information on a product or service. There could be two end users for this task: the consumer and the other professionals in the industry. 

In this way, another way of looking at the end user is content geared toward the beginner or the pro. The key is that the technical writer for hire understands the end user and can create content for that user. 

7. Expect Tech Writers to Provide UX Details 

The user experience (UX) is a critical aspect of technical writing. When you hire technology writers, you must look for a writer experienced in providing an expert UX. The user’s experience with a company, its products, or its services affects their relationship with the company. This is true whether the UX involves a digital website (which also entails a user interface) or a physical product. 

According to UX Design Institute, “66% of customers are willing to pay more for a great user experience.” All the more reason to find a technical writer who can provide UX details. PowerPublish can help you find the tech writer you need. 

Learn Our Process for Finding and Hiring Technical Writers 

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