Content marketing has become an important way for businesses in every industry to promote themselves — including the legal profession.   Good content can boost organic traffic to your firm’s website. It can establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry and niche. It can help you build an email list and, ultimately, acquire leads.   With everyone embracing content creation and pumping out content hand over fist, the challenge has become maintaining the quality as well as the quantity of your legal content marketing efforts. Here are a few examples of firms marketing their legal services the right way through their content.

1. California Innocence Project Is SEO-Friendly

SEO is a critical factor of good content. It alerts search engines regarding your content and how it can help those searching for it.   Properly optimizing SEO includes a variety of activities, such as using the right keywords, links, photos, and metadata. One firm that is using SEO well is California Innocence Project.   The organization’s three-part mission is to free the wrongfully convicted, reform the criminal justice system, and train the next generation of lawyers to continue their work. Its website is helping spread this message, partly through the strategic use of SEO.   CIP’s website is clean and full of information that gets to the point. It’s loaded with essential keywords, like “free,” “innocent,” “free legal services,” and “volunteer.” However, it doesn’t clutter things up with too much dense legal writing. It also is easy to navigate and helps users find what they need in a jiffy.

2. Bracewell LLP Uses Multiple Types of Media

There are many forms that content can take. You can hire a freelance writer to write blog posts, e-books, and whitepapers. Graphic artists can also create infographics, while audio engineers can record and edit podcasts.   One company that includes multiple forms of media well is Bracewell. The industry-focused legal firm is particularly good at its placement of video. Its homepage is alive with motion that draws the visitor in (and clearly speaks to the firm’s industrial focus).   On top of that, the firm creates short and sweet videos, which it shares on its social profiles. These are full of important information that can help educate current and potential clients. This establishes Bracewell as a thought leader and authority in its field.

3. Fresh Legal Stays Simple and Exciting

Fresh Legal offers a citrusy, fresh take on promoting legal services. The firm, which offers legal and mediation services, has a clean and simple website full of vibrant colors.    The company utilizes a soothing combination of gentle blues, bright oranges (including actual pictures of oranges), and clean whitespace. Key information is sparsely located across a sleek and basic home page, too.   This immediately sends a relaxed and comforting message that doesn’t overwhelm visitors. Simplicity can be very attractive to someone in a distressed state of mind seeking mediation.

4. Bend Law Group, PC Aligns Its Content With Its Brand

You don’t want your website just to be full of clean, effective marketing content. You also want it to align with the rest of your brand.   Bend Law Group, PC does this well. The firm’s goal is to help “small business owners and startups launch their companies, fund their ongoing activities and serve as their outside general counsel so they can focus on successfully running their business.”   This entrepreneurial focus is apparent the second you land on their homepage. The first thing you see when the page loads? An inspiring city backdrop with the one line: “Dream Big. We got your back.”

5. Hoglund & Mrozik, P.L.L.C. Creates Linkable Content

You may think your content has a good message. But if others can’t see that message, it can undermine the ability of your content to operate as a compelling piece of marketing collateral.    You want to work with professionals, whether in-house or via freelance legal writers, to create each piece of content with the reader in mind. If you don’t have a good editorial process in place, you may also want to tap the services of a good freelance editor to review your content before it goes live.   Hoglund & Mrozik P.L.L.C. excels at creating optimized content others can easily link to. The company’s digital presence is well-organized. The firm has its blog writers working on multiple blogs dedicated to each of its legal focus areas.    Each blog post is also highly applicable to the topic. Blogs are full of details, and points come with statistics, while links provide additional information. This attention to detail makes each blog post a powerful piece of linkable content that can inform readers and enhance further marketing efforts.

6. Allen Maintains Visual Branding

When it comes to alignment, you don’t just want your message to line up. You want your visuals to sync up, as well.   Allens is a firm that has built all of its online content around a consistent color palette. It has covered its website in warm ocean blues and greens.    This consistency extends right off of its own site and onto the company’s social media, as well. While different from the website, its Twitter profile header image feels like it came right off of the company’s home page. Its Facebook page utilizes the same colors as well.   No matter what part of their online presence you’re viewing, it’s easy to tell that you’re looking at Allens-created content.

7. Use Social Media

The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is a personal injury group that knows how to communicate on social media. The company’s Facebook page, in particular, sports 35,000 followers, an impressive feat for a law firm.   This powerful social media presence comes from a few clear factors. The first one is consistency: the firm’s marketing team posts regularly. It also uses clear visuals and the same format with each post.   They also include calls to action and all of the important information required for potential clients to reach out for a helping hand from Sam.

Dominating Legal Content Marketing

It isn’t enough to invest in creating content for your legal firm. You need to go about creating that content well.   Good content marketing includes many different factors, such as:

  • Utilizing SEO
  • Aligning with brand message and visuals
  • Using social media
  • Staying clean and simple yet exciting
  • Tapping into the power of multiple media types

If you can supercharge your legal content with these advantages, your firm will be able to occupy a prominent spot in an intensely competitive online legal landscape.