Technology is at the forefront of everything we accomplish. 

From the computers we use to the cars we drive, technology even touches the way we order food and the way we watch television. Still, how much does the average person really know about the tech industry?

A great deal of mystery surrounds the tech industry, even if tech is leaning more mainstream. Gone are the days of the tech practitioner being painted with the brush that they are an introvert sitting behind a screen for hours at a time. Yet, this is still how the industry can be perceived at times.   

The challenge to break these stigmas can be done by making sure your technology website provides enough information — and enough different kinds of information— to hit on all the variety of issues and people surrounding technology. Showcasing everything you do in various ways on your website will quite literally bring people through the screen and into your business. 

These are five tried and true ways to let freelance writers illustrate what your technology company can do for the average person. 


What better way to cut through lengthy “tech speak” articles and manuals filled with jargon than by showcasing what those words mean using…technology? Namely, visual technology in the way of infographics. You don’t want website viewers to lose their place amid a sea of clunky definitions. Moving to a more visual-based content delivery method can open the eyes and minds of your viewer by showing them information in easily digestible images. 

Just as computers take all the digital 1s and 0s and turn them into displays on the screen, infographics can take a bunch of information and turn it into something visually appealing. 

Paste Magazine used a colorful infographic in “Infographic Shows the History of How Technology Got Smart.” While the article includes several paragraphs of text, the meat and potatoes of the article appear within the infographic. It provides a visual timeline covering the necessary history and explains two concepts, including Moore’s Law and Nielsen’s Law, in an easy-to-understand infographic. 

Another example of a strong infographic comes from Visual Capitalist in an article entitled “Visualizing the World of Sales Technology.” There is plenty of text to go along with the visual, but the infographic showcases several pieces of crucial information, including the importance of sales tech platforms in closing deals. 


While technology touches on every aspect of our lives, this begs the question: Who are the people, or what are the companies behind these technologies? Tech users are more likely to create a connection to a company or a product when there is a human face on the other side of the screen. Who are these people working in tech? How did your tech professionals get to your company? Tell these stories.

While a lot of mystery continues to surround tech, there’s no better way to pull the curtain back on that mystery than by profiling your members. 

In addition to providing profiles on staff members, what success stories can you share from your current or former clients? How has your tech company helped your users’ lives for the better? Allow your freelance writers to take your readers beyond the surveys and the jargon and tell us real stories about how lives have been improved because of technology. 


Making lives easier for the public is one of the hallmarks of the technology profession. Explaining technology in easy-to-understand, casual wording is essential. After all, an entire line of books entitled “…for Dummies” was created for this very reason. 

A blog is a crucial piece of content that you can use to reach your audience where they live. Blogs can be topical, wide-ranging, and straightforward. Tech blog writers can take complicated developments in the industry and boil them down using conversational language. 

Use your freelance blog writers to help you talk about new developments in your company or to provide information to a broader audience. You can’t wait for all of your clients to download the latest app or purchase the newest piece of technology to show them how they work. You can provide statistics, use inspirational examples, and convert people on the fence to become power users of your products with a blog. 

Case Studies

While infographics, profiles and blogs can illustrate information in visual and conversational tones, technology sites can also serve as education platforms. Instead of focusing on individual stories, use case studies to look at growing trends in the technology industry. 

A good example is a case study posted by the Business for Social Responsibility in April 2022, which shows how “emerging technologies such as blockchain can solve ongoing challenges within supply chains.” The case study was the work of four different companies that came together to help Brazilian consumer brands drive supply chain traceability. The study showcased the context and objectives as well as key findings, using infographics along the way. 

Make sure to use keywords when creating case studies that can help link together a variety of articles on the same growing trends in technology. Your experienced freelance technology writer will help you determine the best use of keywords as you work together to plan your editorial calendar. Case studies provide an authoritative voice using data.  


The final piece of content brings much of the above together. Whitepapers combine case studies and infographics into a detailed report that becomes an authoritative piece on a subject. In September 2018, Google released a 13-page whitepaper entitled “Data incident response process.” The report provided an introduction to the topic, plenty of infographics explaining the processes and a summary. 

Whitepapers are detailed reports that can explain information in a variety of manners. Technology writers use whitepapers to get to the heart of issues by providing background information, breaking up information into lists or bullet points, and answering questions in the industry. Detail is critical as everything is produced under one lengthy document. 

Use a Freelance Technology Writer to Customize Your Content

Technology users don’t often know the nuts and bolts of what technology is doing for them. They just know they want their lives to move a little bit easier. 

Using freelance writers and expert editors to customize your content will help you reach tech novices and tech experts, as well as everyone in between. A variety of content will make your company, and your technology, more accessible to the masses.