Content marketing is essential in healthcare. It not only generates traffic for healthcare practices, but it also helps convert leads. According to PM LIVE, about 77% of patients first look for healthcare services through search engines.

Whether it’s a private clinic or hospital, content marketing is an effective way of growing healthcare practice. With the healthcare environment crowded, content can help you stand out among competitors.

What makes good content?

Creating great content is imperative to the success of your website. It increases your search engine rankings and establishes you as a thought leader in your niche. These ingredients help make good content:

Answering questions

When people make queries in a Google search, they expect to get answers. Good content should answer the visitor’s queries in an engaging way.


Whether it’s a blog post or YouTube video, any content you publish should be original. Duplicating content can result in severe punishment by search engines, including the non-indexing of pages or a significant drop in rankings.

Result-oriented and intentional

Before you create content, you need to have a plan. Creating content without any goals in mind doesn’t yield results. Whether writing a blog post or hosting a webinar, your plan should be goal-oriented and address the following:

  • The audience you are connecting with
  • The number of views and clicks you want to get
  • The message you are trying to pass
  • The returns you are expecting

Before you create content, you need to have a plan. Creating content without any goals in mind doesn’t yield results. Whether writing a blog post or hosting a webinar, your plan should be goal-oriented and address the following:

Healthcare content that achieves

The majority of healthcare practices have always relied on content marketing for lead generation. Top clinics and physicians use webinars, blogs, and social media to connect with their audience. Here are some of the standout examples of healthcare marketing:

1.    Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has one of the most impressive examples of healthcare marketing. Its blog is one of the best online resources that showcases thought leadership in the healthcare industry. This trusted healthcare resource educates and creates awareness with extensive information on topics such as treatment, medical research and diagnosis.

This library’s content stands out because the hospital’s own staff writes it. All contributions feature their experiences in handling issues during practice. The Mayo Sharing Blog expounds information to all types of people globally, from patients to researchers.



2.    Dr. Howard Luks

New York’s Dr. Howard Luks is one of the many healthcare professionals to leverage video marketing. This orthopedic surgeon has a YouTube channel that has over 5500 subscribers.

His most viewed video, “Why Does My Shoulder Snap and Pop?” has over 85,000 views. In this video, he explains why shoulders pop or snap in just under three minutes.

Dr. Luks’ own website offers regular blog content and video answers to common questions. He also hosts a Facebook page and podcast with regular updates on topical medical issues.  The pieces are short and informal but very educational and directed to an audience looking for solutions.


3.    Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is one of the most ranked healthcare clinics in the US. It also has one of the most extensive online publications across its blog and social media platforms. In its blog, Health Essentials, the Cleveland Clinic posts over five articles daily. This content is distributed to over seven million followers on social media.

The clinic also has a highly popular podcast series that focuses on topics such as healthy diets, cancer, and body fitness. All podcasts are done by experienced healthcare professionals who offer listeners with great information on the topics at hand.


4.    ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a website designed to connect people with specialists across the country and allows them to book appointments directly. It also has a wealth of excellent content for both patients and doctors.

The Script is focused on providing ways for doctors to expand their practices, while The Paper Gown is a collection of stories for and about patients. ZoDoc also hosts a podcast series, and videos that provide quality content.



5.    Arkansas Children’s Hospital

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital has among the best examples of social media marketing. In addition to regular blog posts on its website, the clinic runs regular video campaigns across its social media channels. These have included taking part in the #100DeadliestDays campaign, which creates awareness of a deadly period associated with teen death between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Through its video content, the hospital shares tips, stories and facts on its social media platforms. These pieces are helpful for parents of children with a range of conditions as well as those looking for ways of protecting their kids.


Why you need content marketing

If your marketing strategy does not involve content, then you are missing out on a chance to really engage your audience. Premium content can help boost your client outreach and lead generation program, as well as increase trust and credibility. Get in touch with us today for a streamlined approach to your content marketing strategy.