4 Reasons to Outsource Blog Writing

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If you’re writing your own blog for your business, you are allocating time that could be spent on the other aspects of your business, like sales, management, client retention, or executing your services.

With only so many hours in the day, a 1,000-word blog post that could take you a day to write takes up to three hours for highly talented writers. Instead of spending time creating content, business owners should use their valuable time closing a deal with a client.

While time-saving is a big reason to turn your blog writing over to the pros, there are other motivations for outsourcing blog writing to talented freelance writers.

Create a Cost-Effective Content Strategy

Consider what adding a full-time content writer would cost to your company. Start with a market-value salary of around $70,000 per year, and then add benefits and onboarding costs. Your writer could produce the required one blog per week, but do you have enough work to fill the remaining hours?

Meanwhile, your freelance writer is joined by an equally talented freelance editor and costs around $800 per blog. With one blog per week, you quickly find yourself with a savings of more than $28,000 on salary alone.

With a team of exceptional freelance writers, you can vary the voices on your website. Branding an army of writers as experts about your company is an excellent way to create credibility and offer quality posts. For instance, separate freelancers could become experts on the different products that your business provides.

What’s most important for your website is to have a steady stream of well-written blogs that generate traffic. The work of a full-service agency can do more for less than hiring a full-time writer.

Your Website Quality is Paramount

Often, the first impression that a potential customer has with your services is through your website. That’s the moment a business has to get them interested in the products and services that you’re selling.

But maybe you see this often on competitor’s sites: when an in-house writer is also an editor, typos and grammatical mistakes creep into the content. Or customers stumble upon a dormant site where the posts are years old. That means the company is missing out on thousands of eyeballs that could be considering its services without any fresh content.

You want your company to show content that is both polished and informative. When you spend money on website developers that help you refresh your website regularly, the writing should match the polished look.

Maintain Editorial Accountability

One of the most critical factors in building brand awareness is to create scheduled quality content that brings in new traffic. Having a stable of high caliber freelance writers allows for a steady flow of quality content that can be posted on your website regularly.

Every week creates a new opportunity to drive traffic to your website (where you can convert viewers into customers) while imparting insider knowledge that answers questions your customer is looking for. The key is to make sure each blog is engaging, well written and tells a story.

Fresh content should appear regularly to give users a reason to come back. (Insider tip: periodically updating your website is also great for SEO.) Maintaining a regular editorial calendar assures that users aren’t overwhelmed, or that content is overlooked.

Your blogs can be used to explain every aspect of the company’s business. Using superior contract writers can guarantee that each blog post is authoritative, friendly, and easy to read.

Great Writers Tell Great Stories

There are indirect monetary benefits to hiring someone from the outside to create content for your business. It’s often easier for a freelancer to tell the back story of your business, particularly about how it got started.

Some of the most compelling reads on a company’s website are about the people who created their company, particularly if it’s a unique product they are selling or has a long history. This is useful for a company with a real emotional connection to its customers.

For instance, the fascinating history of Patagonia, a company that sells outdoor gear and clothing, is told with black and white photos. Readers scroll through a series of chunky paragraphs that are matched up with the pictures to get a full glimpse of how the company evolved.

A story like that involves a high degree of skill, from the layout to writing to the design. People love to read about and understand success stories. That kind of form and function comes from interviews by a third-party writer to disseminate meaningful information from the extraneous stories. A great way to introduce potential customers to your site is to tell them about your company’s history and the people that made the business possible.

Add Content for the Long Run

With stories and blogs created by veteran freelance writers, you can turn viewers of your website into customers without lifting a finger on your keyboard. Saving time and money is an added bonus!

PowerPublish’s team of brand journalists and editors can start your company on the path to success with your blogs. We help you organize your content calendar, then find the freelance specialists that are already experts in your field. When you outsource your brand publishing, you discover content that delivers results and drives revenue.

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