When you hire a writer, you know what questions to ask, but do you know what you’ll get? Freelance writers bring a wealth of writing talent that can raise your content and expand your brand. They also provide something beyond the expectations of writing, editing, and design: soft skills. 

What kind of soft skills should you expect from your professional writer? You can expect to find confidence because exceptional writers turn in work they are proud of and passionate about. You can also expect to find compassion in freelance writers who understand the varying voices that brands expect to utilize in their writing. 

These 11 soft skills are important to your brand because they show how well a writer can work with your company and what more they bring to the table. When interviewing your freelance writer, ask about their soft skills and find the ones that fit into your content vision.


1. Adaptability

The best freelance writer knows how to meet the needs of different clients and adapt to multiple writing styles. 

Because every brand has a specific audience, a good writer knows how to write for each type of audience. The best writers know the different requirements of a whitepaper versus a humorous blog post. Adaptability means a writer can meet your brand’s tone and reach your audience.


2. Reliability

Content writing comes with specific requirements and deadlines. Find a reliable writer who understands how to meet your brand’s requirements, like adhering to keywords and meeting the word count. Delivering content by the deadline is also a key trait for your freelance writer.


3. Time Management

An effective writer can handle multiple projects within the same period and meet deadlines. 

Since freelancers are in charge of their own work hours and schedule, they are called on to manage their time even more effectively than the average full-time writer. Talk to your writer about their schedule, and ask how they utilize their time to meet deadlines and manage work remotely.


4. Problem-Solving Skills

The best writer can join your company, review your content marketing efforts, and identify potential problems. Hire a freelance writer with strong problem-solving skills who will find ways to improve any ineffective content. Freelancers provide the experience to understand how to attract an audience and overcome the challenges of content production.


5. Creativity

Creative thinking is essential for an effective freelance writer. Your writer can elevate content beyond a collection of SEO keywords to engage and convert your audience. Creative professional writers will make your content marketing funny, exciting, and interesting to read.


6. Professional and Friendly 

It’s much easier to work with a freelancer who is personable and friendly instead of sour or moody. Because they are their own entrepreneurs, freelance writers are professional and know how to communicate effectively. This soft skill is important when working on deadlines and with content that requires deep subject knowledge.


7. Organization

Organization isn’t just about how clean their desk is; the best writers know how to organize tasks and their thoughts to effectively develop a piece of content. Professional writers can develop and work within outlines that help drive a whitepaper or blog to an effective conclusion. Your brand will stand out among the rest with a well-crafted and organized piece of content.


8. Responds Well to Constructive Feedback

When you provide constructive feedback to content writers, it’s crucial for them to respond well. Freelance writers know that your feedback improves their understanding of your brand as well as the content you expect on the first try. You’ll know your professional writer will improve their production when you provide constructive feedback.


9. Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a staple for freelance writers who work remotely. Great communication skills are powerful for productivity for both you and your writer. Ensure you set expectations with your freelance writers and editors in your first meeting and maintain open communication channels.


10. Patience

Freelance writers know that any piece of content can come with multiple edit requests (because needs are constantly changing) or deadline changes. Because of this, professional writers come with an abundance of patience to adjust to the needs of all of their clients.


11. Growth Mindset

Freelance writers with a growth mindset thrive on challenges. Most professional writers are interested in constantly learning, whether it’s about your industry, your brand or how to use the tools in your tech stack. Companies can benefit from writers with a growth mindset by developing a writer’s intelligence for your own needs.


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Vera Gruessner has more than 12 years of content writing experience as well as email marketing and social media marketing skills. She has written two books on cancer prevention and research. Her writing background ranges from healthcare and legal industries to technology and real estate. 

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